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Glow Up Season 4: Where Are They Now? Update on the Contestants Today

‘Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star’ is an amazing affordable make-up truth reveal that intends to crown the most effective make-up musician by bringing in contestants from around the world and having them fight it out for magnificence. Remarkably, not everybody that comes onto the program is a professional makeup artist, and also although the contestants originate from all walks of life, they develop a close bond while living together and also joining progressively complicated obstacles. These challenges are developed to check each contestant’s technique as well as skill, among other points, and also with the show performing regular removals, the last one standing is crowned the winner.

Season 4 of ‘Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star’ presented us to a varied cast of contestants and also brought with it loads of dramatization, thrilling face-to-faces, in addition to some unforgettable interactions. Nonetheless, with the cameras now averted, followers wonder to figure out where the actors is at present. Well, allow’s find out, shall we?

Where Is Charlie Carter Now?

An encouraging candidate in season 4, Charlie Carter came close to removal at the end of the very first obstacle as well as then chose to leave the show on their own accord. Surprisingly, Charlie stated they were working as a financial debt collector before one of their TikTok videos went viral, moving them into the limelight and also providing a chance to show up on the fact show. Once recording covered, Charlie apparently returned to the town of Telford, where they have actually developed up a remarkable life surrounded by family members as well as pals. Furthermore, the truth star is a caring father of one as well as discussed that given that the viral TikTok video clip, they have been going after a permanent career in material creation.

Where Is Adam Blends Now?

Despite the fact that Adam gave his hundred percent while on the program, his initiatives at some point failed, and also he had to bail out in the 9th position. Adam dropped back into his everyday routine as well as is wholly focused on taking his job to brand-new elevations when recording ended. Apart from functioning as a freelance makeup musician based out of Liverpool, he likewise coaches individuals interested in the art and also is expecting taking his service worldwide.

Where Is Mikaél Frimpong Now?

A self-taught makeup artist, Mikael discussed that he used to function as a Loss Prevention Officer prior to coming onto the program. Therefore, the London-based makeup musician has actually continued refining his art and usually submits pictures of his unbelievable creations on social media.

Where Is Sophie Gouk Now?

Sophie’s pleasant character as well as identified mindset made them a fan-favorite entrant in season 4. Nonetheless, their skills ultimately fell short in episode 4, and also the talented make-up artist exited the show in 7th location. Today, Sophie is based out of London and has made fairly a name for themself in the makeup sector. While they specialize in SFX, creative prosthetics, and also video, Sophie’s developments have been included in several prestigious magazines, giving them the popularity they truly should have.

Where Is Ryan Beaumont Now?

At present, Ryan is based out of Bolton, where he works as a professional makeup artist. From the looks of it, he specializes in SFX and monster makeup, although the truth star is also quite skilled in forming and also character design.

Where Is Rachel Makoni Now?

Rachel appeared to have fairly an impressive run on the show as well as was also judged the victor of 2 successive difficulties. Showing up on the program propelled her right into the spotlight, and also since after that, Rachel has actually obtained an enormous online fanbase permitting her to take up permanent content development with Revolution Beauty.

Where Is Nancé Synthia Kabasélé Now?

Once shooting wrapped, Nance returned to the city of London, from where she operates her service as a freelance makeup artist. Interestingly, she is rather well recognized in the industry and has a years’s worth of experience as a makeup musician under her belt.

Where Is Kris Cannon Now?

An extraordinary makeup artist in his very own right, Kris proved to be rather an effective candidate in the program and also was also one of the favorites to win it. Remarkably, although Kris has actually been a seasoned makeup musician for a lengthy time, he learned the usage of prosthetics throughout the lockdown and has actually expanded quite proficient in the process.

Where Is Lisa Street Now?

Lisa verified her guts with her fantastic efficiencies while on the program and only fell short in the season ending. Remarkably, at the time of filming, Lisa was working as an instructor based out of Essex, and although she seems to have returned to the county of Essex, post-filming, the show provided her adequate direct exposure to make it huge as a makeup artist.

Where Is Yong-Chin Marika Breslin Now?

Yong-Chin took the competition by storm as well as proved her well worth as a top-rung makeup musician while on the program. Eventually, it came down to 3 finalists, and after deliberations, Yong-chin was crowned the winner of ‘Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star’ season 4.

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