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Goblin Slayer Guide: Understand the Manga’s Story, Characters, and Differences

As soon as it debuted on Crunchyroll, Globin Slayer caused controversy for its scenes of extreme violence. But the controversy caused curiosity for this seinen anime, and those who went to meet it ended up enjoying the story and the mix of an RPG culture that brings to the battle scenes a mythology full of fun and exciting moments.

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The Story of Globin Slayer

The plot of Globin Slayer takes place in a fantasy world, in which adventurers and warriors travel to work as mercenaries, fulfilling dangerous missions given to them by the Guild, a medieval association dedicated to facing the dangerous creatures that appear.

In this context, we are introduced to a young priestess, who decides to join a group of adventurers, but already sees her life taking an extreme risk in her first task involved the feared goblins. These creatures are deadly pests that destroy everything they see.

The group to which she belonged was almost completely slaughtered by the creatures, but, before she was raped and killed by enemies, a man known as the Goblin Slayer (Goblin Slayer, in free translation) saves her. Unlike other adventurers, he has as his sole objective the eradication of all goblins, for whom he harbors a great hatred.

All Goblin Slayer characters

Goblin Slayer

Since he was little, this character dreamed of one day becoming an adventurer. When he was ten years old, his best friend travels to the city for a few days, the two fight over him not being able to go too. That same night, the village where they lived is massacred by goblins. He is eventually saved by a rhea, a goblin slayer who ends up becoming a master and mentor, and with whom the traumatized boy trains for the next five years.

Main character of the anime/manga/light novel, he becomes an adventurer with an experience that put him in the Silver ranking, one of the highest. To fulfill his only goal of slaying goblins, however, he opts for the functionality of his armor rather than the vanity that could make his clothing and weapons “more worthy of a silver-ranked adventurer”.

For this reason, it is often mocked for its dirty leather armor, cheap-looking helmet, and the fact that it is always dirty. But their choices are motivated by the fact that goblins have an exceptionally developed sense of smell, which enables them to smell the metal of clean armor easily.

His devotion to the slaying of goblins causes him to misunderstand all social norms and to miss the affection of others around him. But he’s a kind person, and the only thing he puts above his obsession with killing his opponents is protecting those in need, whether they’re fellow battlers or unknown civilians at risk.

Powers: Unlike some of the adventurers, the Goblin Slayer has no superhuman abilities. On the other hand, he is a powerful combatant, an extremely skilled archer, and his excellent physical condition gives him stamina and heightened senses. In addition, he is very intelligent, a great strategist and has great knowledge about goblins.

Among his different artifacts to fight the goblins, however, he has a magic item, the Ring of Breath. Found by the Goblin Slayer in his first year as an adventurer, this ring allows its wearer to breathe in conditions that would normally be impossible, such as underwater or buried under an avalanche.


The anime’s second protagonist, the Priestess is a young orphan who was raised in a temple in the midst of the priesthood, along with other children without a family. When she decides to leave the place to follow the adventurer’s life, she ends up almost being raped and killed by the goblins on her first mission, but is saved by the Goblin Slayer. After that, she starts to accompany him on his adventures, becoming the first member of his group.

Known for her kindness and the ease with which she makes friends, the 15-year-old seems like the polar opposite of the Goblin Slayer, but ends up getting along well with him.

Powers: The Priestess possesses so-called Miracles, powers bestowed upon her by Mother Nature. In addition to possessing more miracles than those of her age, she still uses them combined with a combat strategy that has proven very useful in battles, especially considering that she can only use three of her five miracles per day. Miracles are:

  • Holy Light – The intensity of this light temporarily blinds opponents.
  • Minor Heal – Heals minor wounds. It has no use against poisoning or death.
  • Protection – Creates a magical barrier that can be used as a kind of giant shield or even to trap enemies.
  • Purify – Removes impurities from people or items, such as water or air. It was once used by the Priestess to turn a goblin’s blood into water, but such an action is considered a transgression against Mother Nature.
  • Silence – Freezes the noise, which also prevents, for example, the opponent from casting spells.

elf archer

This adventurer is an elf of 2000 years, age group considered young among elves. A member of the Goblin Slayer adventuring party, she is a Silver-ranked warrior.

She is known for her quick temper, which can get worse when she consumes alcohol. On her first mission against the goblins, she demonstrated her naivety regarding the worst aspects of this battle, but her courage led her to follow through in battles.

Her willingness to dismiss the goblins in the midst of fighting other seemingly more dangerous creatures often frustrates the Goblin Slayer, but they become friends and he comes to protect her, as he does the rest of his group.


  • Archery skill with extreme precision
  • Perception for traps
  • great agility
  • Extended hearing thanks to its large elf ears
  • Speaks Elvish and the Common Tongue

Dwarf Shaman

The Dwarf Shaman is one of the characters responsible for the comic scenes in the anime. He even enjoys teasing the Elf Archer a lot, but also acts as an advisor to the young woman.

According to him, his motivation to become an adventurer was to try exotic flavors around the world that he could match with his fiery wine. Although it doesn’t have great height, it is extremely strong. He is capable of casting up to four spells per day.

Powers: Some of the main spells you can cast are:

  • Stone Blast – This enchantment increases the size of stones and fires them quickly.
  • Resistance – A spell used to quickly dry concrete.
  • Bind – Used to trap a fleeing goblin.
  • Stupor – The Dwarf Shaman uses this spell after spraying his fire wine into the air, forming a fine mist which he enchants to quickly intoxicate anyone who inhales it, to the point of rendering opponents unconscious.
  • Stone/Metal Barrier – Used to enchant a stone or metal floor and turn it into a protective wall.
  • Fear – A spell used to control a goblin’s emotion, using illusion magic, leaving the opponent emotionally defenseless.

Lizard Priest

Tokage Souryo is a lizardman, with green skin and horns on his head. Behind his intimidating appearance though, he is polite and respectful and cares a lot about nature.

As a priest, he is also capable of using magic, being able to cast up to four spells a day, in addition to using so-called Miracles. In addition, he is extremely strong, has great fighting skills, and is resistant to poisons.

Powers: The miracles he uses are:

  • Sword Claw – With a fang as a catalyst and a brief prayer, it is able to transform the fang into a powerful blade.
  • Refresh/Update – Healing spell.
  • Dragon’s Tooth Warrior – With multiple fangs as catalysts, he can summon a lizard skeleton to fight by his side.
  • Partial Dragon – Spell used to increase the Lizard Priest’s strength.
  • Communicate – Using the powers of his ancestors, he is able to communicate with and understand another person in a different language, telepathically.


A childhood friend of the Goblin Slayer, she had taken a trip to town the night of the massacre in the village where they lived when they were children. After losing almost all of her family in the goblin attack, she goes to live with her uncle on a farm.

Goblin Slayer spends five years training with Burglar and returns to the village, where he lives on the Farmer’s uncle’s farm. Five years later, he is already a Silver-ranked adventurer, and she continues to worry about finding the friend she remembers in him.

As he gets closer to his friend, he begins to develop a romantic interest in him. For this reason, she is jealous of her new adventure partner, the Priestess, as well as the Guild Girl, who also shows an interest in the adventurer.

Guild Girl

She is the receptionist responsible for passing along Guild quests or contracts to adventurers. Out of concern for the villages and the increasing danger the goblins pose, she is extremely upset when more experienced adventurers do not accept goblin-related jobs on the basis of payment alone.

For that reason, he has great respect for the Goblin Slayer. Extremely beautiful, she is tired of hearing other adventurers bragging about their work to get her attention. Soon, her interest turns to the silent and discreet way of the protagonist.

sword queen

Formerly known as the High Priestess, she was once a Gold-ranked adventurer until she was captured, tortured and raped by goblins. Ten years ago, she made history after defeating the Demon Lord along with five other adventurers.

When she stopped being an adventurer, she went on to serve as Archbishop of the Supreme in the Temple of God Law. Her nightmares about goblins diminish after she meets the Goblin Slayer, for whom she harbors unrequited feelings. Her position today gives her political and religious influence.

Powers: In addition to being a skilled cartographer, the Sword Lady also has the power to use Miracles. Are they:

  • Resurrection – Miracle used for recovery from major wounds. To do so, she sleeps with the injured person and a virgin. Already used this miracle with Priestess and Goblin Slayer.
  • Protection – Creates a powerful magical barrier whose protection can extend to your allies.
  • Holy Light – Creates a light whose intensity temporarily blinds opponents.
  • Appraisal – Although blind, this miracle gives you the temporary power to check the properties and value of different items.


This Silver-ranked adventurer is part of a group of adventurers made up of just her and the Spearman. She often makes sexual jokes, but her humor with it doesn’t stop her from being affectionate and considerate with those around her.

Although not part of the Goblin Slayer’s adventuring party, he seems to get along well with the warrior, having already helped him on quests.

Powers: With great knowledge of magic, he is able to cast spells such as:

  • Inflammarae – She uses this spell that creates fire to light her pipe.
  • Deflect Missile – Generates an invisible stream to ward off non-magical projectiles.
  • Grant Fire – Engulfs the opponent’s weapon in fire, after they recite the words “Alma… Inflammare… Offero”.


The Enchantress’s adventure partner, Spearman is a Silver-ranked adventurer. Confident in his fighting skills, he often highlights them to present himself as a brave warrior, when he wants to get the attention of girls (most of the time, Guild Girl).

Despite his showy demeanor, he has a sense of justice that motivates him to always do what he considers right, regardless of the financial gain of the mission. In addition, he takes care of those in need and has already helped beginners in weapons training.

Powers: As his name suggests, he is extremely skilled with the spear. He is capable of using magic, but can only cast two spells a day.


Also known as the Traveler, Burglar saved the life of the Goblin Slayer the night of the massacre in his village. After that, he became the young man’s master and mentor, training him in a cave to become an adventurer.

Although he has a cruel and uncouth way of handing over heavy training to a still very young Goblin Slayer, Burglar saved and helped the boy without asking for anything in return.

Powers: He is a skilled fighter and uses his creativity to use any resource available to defeat his opponent.

Maga do Arco

We only know the Arch Mage later in the story. And so far, she has only been featured in the light novel and manga.

A great scholar, she is tasked with reviewing information about goblins in the Monster Manual. To help her with her research, she hires the Goblin Slayer. Dedicated to her research, she once dissected a goblin.

Aware of her beauty, she even deceived adventurers who asked for her body in exchange for something. She tried to do the same with the Goblin Slayer, but was impressed and pleased to find that the warrior’s only interest was to gain more knowledge about the goblins, with no ulterior motives.

Noble Fencer

This character has been featured in the manga and light novel, but in terms of animation, we’ll only meet her in Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown , an OVA (Original Video Animation – an animation format released directly to the video market) released in theaters Japanese in February, but there is still no confirmed release date in Brazil.

This young woman left her noble family to devote herself to the life of an adventurer. Innocent, she thought she and her group would quickly reach Gold or even Platinum rankings. However, she had a traumatic experience with the goblins that left her despondent, as well as remaining in the Porcelain rank.

Powers: In addition to using an aluminum sword and dagger in his battles, he is able to cast lightning, a spell he learned as part of a family tradition.

Rei Goblin

One of the main antagonists, this goblin used his skills to survive various conflicts with adventurers, and his leadership skills to rise to a position of command of a large group of goblins. Among his kind, he would be the platinum-ranked equivalent of goblins.

He shares a similar trauma to the Goblin Slayer, as he saw his nest massacred by an adventurer when he was still a child. Unlike the protagonist, however, he does not care about his group and sees its members only as expendable resources that can be used in his revenge plan.

Powers: Extremely intelligent, capable of making ingenious and ambitious plans. Although he has no magical powers, he uses his above-average strength to swing the ax that has become his trademark. Additionally, he is able to speak both the goblin language and the common tongue.

Summary of what happened in season 1

Release date: October 6, 2018 in Japan and same day on Crunchyroll Brasil
Adapted: The first 4 volumes of the light novel
Episodes: 12

A young Priestess joins a group of adventurers who decide to invade a cave inhabited by goblins. The mission goes horribly wrong and nearly everyone ends up dead, captured or raped by opponents. The Priestess, however, is saved with the arrival of the Goblin Slayer, an experienced adventurer who slays the goblins without a shred of mercy. She decides to join him on this path as an adventurer.

The party grows after the arrival of a trio of adventurers formed by Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest. The group was looking for the Globin Slayer to help them in their quest to fight the resurrected Demon Lord’s army. The protagonist only accepts after discovering that the path of this quest will pass through elven lands occupied by goblins, whose death is their only objective.

The group’s adventures include fighting a horde of goblins led by a dangerous ogre, and a special request from the Sword Lady to defend the Water City from goblins roaming the sewers. It is in this last experience that the Goblin Slayer is surprised by the intelligence that the enemies have come to demonstrate and, upon investigating further, discovers that they are now led by the Goblin King , a cunning and extremely dangerous goblin.

Continuing with the investigation of the goblins’ actions in the sewers, the group discovers a portal that connects the city to the Green Moon, allowing goblins to pass through. After managing to “deactivate” it, Goblin Slayer discovers that the Sword Lady has delayed the fight against the goblins so that more people understand the real cruelty and danger they represent.

Back in his city, Goblin Slayer discovers a horde of over a hundred goblins is due to attack the farm soon. To prevent a new massacre, like what happened when the protagonist was a child, all of his group join him in the fight, the Sorceress and the Lancer and the other adventurers. He alerts them to the Goblin Lord’s leadership and draws up a plan for combat.

After the risky plan is executed to perfection (and with a few twists and turns and surprises), Goblin Slayer manages to kill the Goblin King. During the celebration, the protagonist takes off his helmet for the first time in front of the other adventurers, at the request of the Priestess. Everyone is amazed by its beauty.

In the epilogue , we hear a voiceover from the Priestess saying that everyone there is a pawn on the board of the gods, but Goblin Slayer never let the dice roll for him, being responsible for his own unknown fate.

What happened in the OVA?

Release date: February 1 in Japan / No release date in Brazil yet
Adapted: The first 5th volume of the light novel

Released in Japanese theaters on February 1, 2020, the OVA Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown will hit Blu-ray and DVD on July 29. The information released so far is that this special episode will adapt the events of the 5th light novel of the same name on which the anime is based.

For this reason, consider the summary below subject to changes in the OVA, as there are changes in the story of the light novel and manga in relation to the anime.

What Happened in the 5th Volume of the Goblin Slayer Light Novel

The first chapter introduces us to a new group of adventurers, formed by the Noble Swordsman, a rhea scout, a human mage, a half-elf girl and a dwarf monk. After defeating a group of goblins, they head to an underground cavern where there is an opponent’s nest.

In the city, Goblin Slayer receives a letter from the Sword Lady, who is grateful for the fact that she no longer has nightmares about goblins and gives the protagonist’s group a new mission: to find and help the adventurer Noble Swordsman, considered missing .

Upon arriving at the city where the warrior and her group were last seen, and fighting the goblins that were there, the Goblin Slayer finds it strange that the victims’ bodies were not violated. Upon entering the cave and defeating some goblins, they discover that the place was once a kind of temple in which human sacrifices were made. In the middle of the altar, they find the Noble Swordsman, naked and dirty, and with a symbol of the God of Wisdom branded on her neck. Goblin Slayer concludes that the greatest enemy is the Goblin Paladin .

After the rescue, the Noble Fencer reveals the terrible events that led to the massacre of her group and their capture. Goblin Slayer explains that the goblins’ main dwelling is actually an ancient dwarven stronghold above the temple they found. To infiltrate, the group plans to disguise themselves as members of the Evil Sect.

Although they face setbacks, the plan works and the group manages to free several women held captive, in addition to destroying the castle’s old arsenal. After having their location revealed by the pain that the activation of the curse on the back of the Noble Swordsman’s neck caused, a terrible battle ensues.

The group breaks up. Globin Slayer, Priestess, and Noble Swordsman act as bait, while the others destroy the goblins’ food supply and rescue prisoners. Goblin Slayer is confronted by the Goblin Paladin and manages to kill him.

With guidance from the Goblin Slayer, the Noble Swordsman uses her miracle of light and creates an avalanche that destroys the rest of the goblin army, but also hits the protagonist. After a tense moment, he reappears alive and with the sword that had been stolen from the adventurer.

We see the gods celebrating the victory of Goblin Slayer. Back at the Guild Taverva, the group arrives in time to celebrate the new year, but the Goblin Slayer is not seen. Priestess finds him alone, patrolling the city’s border, and he reveals his concern that the Goblin Paladin was turning his stronghold into a kind of goblin refinery. The two eat together and he comments that he looks forward to another year of adventures with the Priestess.

How the anime organized the manga and light novel

Written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki, the Goblin Slayer story was published in February 2016, initially in light novel format. The series then got its manga version written and illustrated by Kōsuke Kurose, which was published in Monthly Big Gangan magazine.

With the surprising success of the anime, released in 2018, fans have noticed some changes between the print and television versions. For a better understanding, Goblin Slayer has today:

  • A 9 volume light novel
  • manga series (with the same story as the light novel) with 6 volumes to date
  • spinoff manga series , Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day , adapting volume 4 of the light novel
  • O prequel Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One
  • An anime with a season of 12 episodes
  • An OVA that adapted volume 5 of the light novel

The anime’s first season , meanwhile, seems to organize the story as follows:

  • Episodes 1 to 4 – Light novel volume 1 or Manga chapters 1 to 9
  • Episode 5 – Light novel volume 1, 2 and 4 or Manga chapters 10 and 17 + chapter 1 of the spinoff manga series Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day
  • Episodes 6 to 9 – Light novel volume 2 or Manga chapters 17 to 29
  • Episodes 10 to 12 – Light novel volume 1 or Manga chapters 10 to 15

Yes, the anime added spinoff content, reversed some plot events narrated in the light novel and manga, and cut other scenes. This doesn’t seem to have affected the essence of the plot, however, with the changes having worked well for the new format.

The differences between the anime and the manga

As episodes of Globin Slayer hit Crunchyroll, those who were already fans of the manga series noticed some differences that bothered a little. The Thunderdome website listed some of them, and we’ve separated the biggest changes here. Check it out below:

The stories of the dead adventurers were not told

Yes, those adventurers who were violently massacred in the first episode of the Globin Slayer anime had their stories told in the manga. With this extra content about these characters, the manga gained, therefore, in the possibility of causing even more empathy in the reader and a commotion for their deaths (and not just the horror reaction and the controversy that the anime scene caused).

A conversation made for the anime

Remember the fight between the Globin Slayer and the Farmer when they were kids? While this discussion exists in the manga, the dialogue does not! The pages of the publication only show the disagreement between the young friends, leaving the reason to the reader’s imagination.

In the anime, dialogue was added where the little Goblin Slayer is upset that his friend goes to town without him.

Communication between goblins and the Goblin King’s speech

While in the anime the goblins seem even more animalistic and with virtually no level of communication; in the manga, they seem to have their own language, in addition to communicating through gestures.

But it goes further! In the manga, the Goblin King even makes an intense speech that demonstrates all his hatred and leadership skills. Unfortunately, we didn’t see this in the anime.

inverted arches

If you check out the manga first, you’ll see that the farm invasion arc comes before the Water City one. However, in the anime these arcs were reversed.

While it’s a decision that could have gone wrong, the approach to the farm invasion as the season finale seemed to make a lot of sense, as the Goblin Slayer spends episodes checking the site for goblin footprints.

In addition, the beginning of the anime shows the massacre lived there. A new attack seems to leave one of the protagonist’s biggest fears as the season’s climax.

the board of the gods

If you think the anime already brings references to RPG games, you can’t imagine the intensity of this in the manga. While in the television adaptation we see the Priestess referencing the Goblin Slayer not allowing the gods to roll the dice for him, in the print version the board of the gods is literally shown.

We see the gods playing tabletop roleplaying games, demonstrating almost everything that goes on in the characters’ universe is, in fact, a game for the gods. But the figure representing the Goblin Slayer literally rolls its own dice, taking control of its destiny.

The reception and controversy of the Goblin Slayer anime

Produced by the White Fox studio – responsible for adaptations such as Gate, Re:Zero, Akami ga Kill and Hataraku Maou-sama – the Goblin Slayer anime reached Crunchyroll and, in its first episode, was shrouded in controversy for a reason: no there were warnings about the extreme violence of the program.

In the first episode, we see the goblins brutally killing the group of young adventurers that the Priestess was a part of, as well as raping the girls. Soon after, we see the Goblin Slayer killing all the globins (including babies) without the slightest mercy.

And what was the result of all this controversy? It generated even more curiosity around the anime, which became the most watched by Brazilians in that premiere season. According to a survey of Crunchyroll’s own data, Goblin Slayer led the views in Brazil, the United States, Australia and most of Canada.

The first season of Goblin Slayer is available with Portuguese subtitles on Crunchyroll Brasil.


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