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Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 1 Recap, Ending, Explained

In episode 1 of ‘Golden Kamuy’ season 4 entitled ‘Rushin’ Outta Russia,’ Sugimoto’s team is struck by a mystical sniper. In the Lake Akan area, Ushiyama as well as Hijikata go missing, so Kirawus as well as Kadokura decide to take it upon themselves to locate them.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

After Kiroranke dies as well as Ogata manages to run away, Sugimoto reestablishes his partnership with Asirpa as they continue their journey of discovering the evasive treasure. Sugimoto’s team leaves the Nivkh town and also crosses the Russian-Japanese border to reach a town. There they send out a telegram to Lt. Tsurumi to inform him about their location.

Everybody recognizes that Sugimoto is missing out on for some factor. His comrades immediately hide as it seems like the work of a sniper, which leads them to hypothesize that Ogata is already back to take vengeance.

Considering the wide field of vision of his shots, the group recognizes that the sniper is concealing someplace much from them. Although Asirpa seriously wants to aid her pal, she has to keep hiding as snipers typically utilize this emotional warfare to quest much more targets by maintaining individuals active. While the entire group is unaware regarding the best course of action, they see Sugimoto running in between the houses much from them.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 1 Ending: Who is the Mysterious Sniper? Why Does He Follow Sugimoto’s Group?

As the mysterious sniper proceeds to target his buddies, Sugimoto handles to find his hideout and battles him hard. By looking at the illustrations, Sugimoto understands that the sniper was in fact after Ogata and also Kiroranke.

Prior to they go out, Shiraishi reprimands the sniper for making such a horrible judgment mistake. When Sugimoto’s team is going to their following location, he notices that the sniper is still following the team. He thinks that the sniper is most likely wishing that he will manage to get his hands on Ogata if he hugs them, which appears practical considering he has had a background with the team and also may prepare to retaliate at some point in the future.

Who is Waichirou Sekiya? Did He Have a Role to Play in Ushiyama as well as Hijikata’s Disappearance?

Near the Lake Akan area, Kirawus and Kadokura pick up from Nagakura about the mysterious disappearance of Ushiyama and also Hijikata. While Kadokura argues that they are unequalled and have just probably found some women to hang out with, Nagakura still shows up extremely concerned as they have disappointed up for 2 days. As they head outside, Kirawsus argues that the two of them could have been eliminated by the prisoner presumed to be concealing near Lake Akan. To his shock, Kirawus learns that Kadokura used to be a jailer and actually understood him well.

Kadokura recalls that his name was Waichirou Sekiya as well as although he was pointless in a fight, the male was extremely clever. After an event in which he poisoned his cellmates’ food, eliminating him in the process, Kadokura was left with the duty to keep an eye on the dangerous prisoner.

As they continue searching for Ushiyama and Hijikata, Kadokura is informed by a kid playing on the ice-covered lake that he did saw the latter standing right in that area. As he contemplates different possibilities, Kadokura discovers a silkworm cocoon at his feet. It ends up that sometime earlier, Hijikata was required by Sekiya to a hazardous video game to conserve Ushiyama that he had already paralyzed using fugu poisonous substance as well as kept in a casket where there was just space to take a breath.

The one that Hijikata selected finished up crippling him too, yet to Sekiya’s shock, he still was to life after eating the toxin. Kadokura ends up dropping those fishes later on as well as they in some way take care of to swim back into the lake- which unbeknownst to the duo, saves their lives.

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