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Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 2 Recap, Ending, Explained

In the 2nd episode of ‘Golden Kamuy’ season 4 entitled ‘Cocoon,’ Kadokura and also Kirawus finally reunite with Ushiyama, who has actually managed to run away from his casket. The previous head corrections officer of Abashiri Prison soon finds Sekiya Waichirou’s hideout and takes part in a game of destiny with the guarantee that Hijikita’s life will be saved despite whether he wins or sheds. Here’s every little thing you need to understand about the ending of ‘Golden Kamuy’ season 4 episode 2.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

While Sekiya is away, Ushiyama emerges from his casket as well as manages to stroll outdoors regardless of his datura-induced amazement. He later on stumbles upon Chiyotarou, the young boy of an abundant miner that is harassed by kids older than him to eat lawn moss. They wind up leaving him connected to a tree, so when he sees Ushiyama, he promises to give him food on the problem that he aids him.

Ushiyama after that adheres to Chiyotarou around everywhere while still in his datura-induced amazement. When Sekiya finds out that he has actually gotten away, he ends that the datura will naturally not let him be his typical self for a minimum of 12 more hours as well as even afterwards he won’t be able to remember the area of his hideout. Chiyotarou realizes soon that Ushiyama can be harmful so he decides to obtain rid of him.

Chiyotarou takes him to the lake and manages to get him to walk into a hole in the ice, wishing that he will drown as well as pass away there. Elsewhere, Kirawus is concealing on the various other end of the lake, while Kadokura plans to intentionally screw up settlements with Sekiya to make sure that when he gets away the duo can follow him back to discover his hideout. Although things go precisely as they had actually prepared originally, the impact of datura ultimately wears off as Ushiyama emerges from an opening in the frozen lake right before Sekiya.

Normally, Kirawus as well as Kadokura are additionally surprised to see Ushiyama there as they struggle to figure out how he has to have ended up in the lake. In the meantime, Sekiya handles to run away assuming that he has actually evaded capture. Kadokura making use of the details that he gets regarding cacoon farming manages to track the serial awesome down.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 2 Ending: How Do Hijikita and Kadokura Survive After Eating Poison?
When Kadokura and also Sekiya lastly sit together at the facility where the serial killer has actually been exploring with cacoons, the latter like always invites the former head jailer to a test of fate. Sekiya informs Kadokura that half of them are infected by potassium cyanide, arsenic, strychnine, fugu tetrodotoxin, as well as wolfsbane, while the various other half are unadulterated.

Waichirou additionally includes that if he finishes up consuming the poisoned cacoon then he will certainly inform Kadokura where he has actually maintained Hijikita. In situation, Kadokura is the one who is going to pass away, after that Sekiya will certainly save Hijikita prior to the air in his casket runs out.

Sekiya argues that if the poisonous substance took 10 minutes to begin, after that he needs to have eaten the cacoon tied with wolfsbane, which additionally implies that he will suffer for a couple of hours before his death. As promised Sekiya instantly heads to the room where he has hidden Hijikita in order to conserve his life. Nevertheless, to his shock, the leader of Shinsengumi emerges from his coffin as if nothing ever before occurred and also grabs Sekiya by his collar.

It turns out that Hijikita used to work as a medication seller when he was young as well as intentionally consumed just the right amount of the cacoon laced with wolfsbane to not be deadly. At the same time, in the other area, Kadokura picks an additional cacoon and by large luck, it ends up being the one poisoned with fugu tetrodotoxin. Both fugu tetrodotoxin and also wolfsbane normally reduce the effects of each other, so it ends up conserving his life as well.

Is Sekiya Waichirou Dead? Does His Death Finally Provide Answers to His Religious Dilemmas?
After Hijikita lastly emerges from his casket, he assaults Sekiya’s neck with a butcher’s blade. He then orders him by his collar and clarifies exactly how he endured the serial awesome’s trial of fatality and also fate. The cut on his throat is hijikita as well as deep understands it is mosting likely to be deadly so he allows Sekiya to stroll outdoors in his awful state. As soon as he leaves the center, the serial awesome falls on the ice, understanding that his fatality is near.

A long time earlier, Sekiya’s daughter was struck by lightning as well as died as they were simply going out for a walk. Since that day, he has actually been struggling with the reality that he somehow survived, which according to him only suggested that God did not exist. His trials were constantly made in a manner to address and also find solution to his spiritual issues. Now on his deathbed, Sekiya was stunned to recognize that Hijikita made it through by selecting wolfsbane out of various other infected cacoons and consuming just the right amount for it to be non-fatal.

Additionally, when Kadokura also arises outdoors, by ingesting the neutralizing poison for wolfsbane by sheer luck, Sekiya ends that it is a miracle. He sees his approaching death as God’s judgment also and also reasons that his existence can’t be questioned minutes before he dies. He never found peace when he was active, Sekiya Waichirou ultimately passes away peacefully finding answers to the questions that has puzzled him all his life.

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