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Greg Owens: Where is Rachel Owens Ex-Husband Now?

The authorities learned that amongst the individuals injured was Rachel Owens, as well as the examination revealed the burglar was none other than her husband, Gregory Owens. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Intruder’ concentrates on the feasible reasons behind Greg’s strike and also what happened in the results.

Who is Greg Owens?

Greg Owens offered in the Army and retired as a sergeant major in addition to being an expert marksman. He lived in several areas all over the world prior to clearing up in Londonderry, New Hampshire, with his other half of 36 years, Rachel. With each other, Rachel and also Greg invited a son, Wayne Owens. While leading up to the incident, Rachel was detected with mental deterioration, and also Greg looked after her. On December 15, 2014, a family members friend, Carol Chabot, came over to get Rachel for a brief remain at her area. Rachel wanted to flee for some time, which would certainly offer Greg a break.

Photo Credit: NBC News

Simply days later on, an intruder compelled himself right into the Chabots’ residence in Saco, Maine. At the time, Carol and her partner, Steve, were in the second-floor room as well as heard a noise. He was not successful and went to the other bedroom where Rachel was resting.

Steve was able to call the authorities, as well as they right away hurried the injured to the healthcare facility. At the house, it was figured out that the intruder damaged in through the garage door by shattering a glass window. Greg, that had been in Londonderry, was approached by the authorities at a gas terminal.

According to Greg, he only left house two times: to go to the gasoline station as well as to obtain coffee. At the time, the cops observed some blood on him along with blood on the vehicle driver’s side of his automobile. When inquired about it, Greg stated he had actually cut himself due to a coffee cup yet later transformed it to a drinking glass. The authorities after that discovered that for the past six years, Greg had actually been having an immoral affair with Betsy Wandtke in Oklahoma. He would go to there frequently and had actually informed her that he will divorce Rachel. When she recognized he might never do it, she threatened to end their relationship.

Hence, Greg had actually ended up being the prime suspect in the incident. DNA proof from the garage door matched Greg, putting him at the criminal activity scene. Steve remembered the shooter using glasses, the same kind he had seen Greg use in the past during a vacation.

Where is Greg Owens Today?

Greg’s protection claimed it would have been hard for Greg to come and make the drive residence. They pointed to his auto not being seen on the highway’s monitoring electronic cameras and his work e-mails from around that time. The police found out that the computer system’s clock had been dabbled with, with Greg’s documents being accessed at 5:16 am and not 2:16 am. As per reports, he had actually likewise asked his employer to exist regarding having a video phone call with him around the moment of the event.

Greg stood trial in February 2016 in a government court given that he was accused of going across state lines to commit the criminal activity. Federal prison documents suggest that Greg, now 65, stays incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary, Canaan in Waymart, Pennsylvania.

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