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Gustavo “Taby” Falcon: Where is Willy Falcon Brother Now?

‘Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami’ is a Netflix original six-part minimal collection that digs deep into the life, criminal activities, and concern of Salvador “Sal” Magluta as well as Augusto “Willy” Falcon, 2 close friends who went from secondary school dropouts to drug authorities in mere years. In 1991, investigatives insisted that their organization had accumulated much more than $2 billion in cash and also assets by contraband at the very least 75 loads of cocaine. Hence, to save himself from the adhering to indictment, Willy’s brother, Gustavo “Taby” Falcon, just went away. Let’s locate out his current location.

That is Gustavo “Taby” Falcon?

Gustavo “Taby” Falcon was basically the right-hand man of the Willy-Sal drug organization. Given that they gained in between $50,000 to $200,000 in cash virtually every day, Taby was accountable for delegating much of the financial resources and job.

These activities ultimately came to light, resulting in the government charge against the substantial gamers in 1991, including Taby. As per court files, Taby had persuaded himself that it ‘d be better if he went on the run with his support system because he was afraid not to have them any longer if he went to jail for a lengthy time.

Where is Gustavo “Taby” Falcon Now?

Although all previous records intimated that Gustavo “Taby” Falcon had not been on American dirt any longer, in April 2017, US Marshals captured him forever near Orlando, Florida. He ‘d been residence in a middle-class home not also much from Disney World in the Kissimmee suburban area, where he seemed a common papa and hubby that worked a regular job. For 26 years, he ‘d presumed the phony identity of Luis Reiss. Thus, the officials only discovered him after uncovering a 2013 auto crash including “Luis,” which led them to the South Florida house under the well-known Falcon family name.

Taby was nailed while on a bike ride with his other half, so his loss was a shock to numerous. Inevitably, on February 1, 2018, Taby pled guilty to charges of possession with intent to distribute and also to distribute cocaine. Today, at the age of 60, Taby is put behind bars at the FCI Jesup Facility, where he’s anticipated to stay up until November 2026.

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