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How Did Dwight Lansing Die? Where is Scott Eaker Now?

Examination Discovery’s ‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda:.357 Magnum’ adheres to two distinctive cases, among which is the unintended death of 23-year-old Dwight Lansing in Colorado in July 1987. This specific matter actually revolves around how negligence as well as negligence caused the loss of a young life and also marked 2 others forever. If you want to know the information of the same, we’ve got you covered.

Exactly How Did Dwight Lansing Die?

Dwight Lansing was birthed in Montana yet had relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado, for greater research studies. Based on a neighborhood information press reporter, the 23-year-old was “a hero” who was making “that young man’s trip where you go far away from house, and also he was toughing it out.” Dwight enjoyed weapons and old cowboy movies, which is why his daddy had actually recently mailed him a reproduction of a colt pacifist in addition to ammo.

Alas, it resulted in policemans of the Colorado Springs Police Department getting a telephone call from send off on July 17, 1987, stating that a capturing had actually taken place on the eastern side of town. Upon getting to the scene, they were told a boy had unintentionally fired himself while playing with his weapon. That youngster was none besides Dwight, as well as the initial 911 telephone call was made by his pal 18-year-old Dave Garrett.

Who Killed Dwight Lansing?

Dave consequently told policemans that he, Dwight, as well as their mutual friend, 18-year-old Scott Eaker, had actually mosted likely to a neighboring field to check out Dwight’s weapon; they ‘d invested all day with it, loading it and shooting empty beer canisters. After returning home late in the evening, he proceeded, he went to call his girlfriend and also remained in the nearby area when he listened to a bang from the corridor. He promptly ran over, only to find Dwight pushing the ground as well as Scott prompting him to call 911 for help.

The investigators likewise questioned Scott, who was the lone witness of the whole case. His story was the same as his pal’s, however he did even more include that Dwight was twirling the gun with his fingers when he inadvertently fired himself.

Authorities also kept in mind that the single-action large quality handgun, a. 357 magnum, was in Dwight’s left hand. They thus became persuaded that Dwight’s pals had actually lied and brought them down to the terminal.

The policemans made a decision to question Dave first, and also the anxious teenager promptly agreed to tell them the entire fact. While the majority of his earlier testimony was true, he had actually hidden a substantial facet from them. He claimed to have seen Scott putting the gun in their good friend’s hand when he had actually rushed to the scene upon hearing the gunfire. Armed with this critical item of information, investigators mosted likely to question Scott, who had quickly become their prime suspect.

Scott practically promptly broke down and also confessed that he would certainly done something silly. He said he was pointing the weapon towards Dwight when he accidentally pushed the trigger as well as fired his best friend. He insisted that he had no suggestion the weapon had been refilled and would have never purposefully damaged Dwight. The claim was quickly affirmed by Dave, that admitted Scott was really in the washroom when the latter was loading the weapon as well as did not have any type of knowledge of the reality. Listening to both testimonies, the investigators finally assembled through what had taken place earlier that evening.

Where is Scott Eaker Now?

After returning home on that eventful night, Dwight refilled the firearm while Scott remained in the toilet, and the latter gone back to play with the very same, only to end up firing his friend. He after that panicked and also foolishly attempted to stage the scene to shake off uncertainty, which a similarly frenzied Dave agreed to aid him put with. Officers hence developed that the shooting was a pure mishap, so the District Attorney’s workplace made a decision not to push any kind of fees versus Scott Eaker.

Furthermore, Dwight’s family members likewise made it clear they did not intend to seek this issue legitimately because they believed Scott would certainly not intentionally hurt his pal. Coming to his present standing, from what we can inform, Scott, currently in his early 50s, leads a personal life and also has been trying to carry on from this unfavorable event to the best of his abilities. Appreciating his yearn for personal privacy, we have not chosen to publish his current address or any of his recent individual or specialist experiences.

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