How Did Josh Lose His Leg in Best Foot Forward

How Did Josh Lose His Leg in Best Foot Forward

Apple TV+’s ‘Best Foot Forward’ is based upon the life of Paralympic ski racer, Josh Sundquist. Rather than producing a motion picture journey of his success against all odds, the show focuses on the time when he was still young. It has a twelve-year-old Josh as its protagonist, who leaves homeschooling in favor of the public school, just to find that it is absolutely nothing as he ‘d anticipated. While a lot of the tale revolves around Josh’s experience in middle school, trying not to be the child that nobody learns about, it additionally concentrates on how Josh is viewed by others, owing to his disability. The program preserves the secret around Josh’s prosthetic leg till the end. If you are questioning what occurred to him, right here’s what you need to understand. SPOILERS AHEAD

Just How Did Josh Lose His Leg?

When Josh Dubin signed up with the public school, the something that he really did not desire people to link him with was his prosthetic leg. He intended to be recognized for a great deal of things; being recognized for his leg was definitely not on the list. As anticipated, once the children found that he has a prosthetic leg, they started preparing their very own concepts regarding what had happened to him. There was something regarding a shark strike, a freak mishap, and also the concerns concerning his toes. Josh was so determined to get this interest out of their system that he said yes to any theory that came his way. Not only that, yet he also prepared brand-new tales that would certainly serve his purpose at different times.

In the final episode of Season 1, Josh reveals to Gabriella that he would certainly been identified with cancer a couple of years earlier. While he doesn’t obtain right into the information of it, from the life of Josh Sundquist, on whom ‘Best Foot Forward’ is based, we know that it is a rare kind of bone cancer cells, understood as Ewing sarcoma.

While his leg was run on and also he appeared fit and also fine at present, Josh is totally mindful of the reality that his cancer cells can come back anytime. There is still a little time left for that, and also till after that, Josh is devoted to living his life to the maximum, lest cancer comes back unexpectedly as well as places a timer on his days.

This situation also creates a need for Josh to control everything. He doesn’t know which of his experiences is going to be his last, so he is hell-bent on making all of them perfect. When attending his first school dance, Josh had a ton of expectations from it, but eventually, it turned out to be a normal thing, very well below what he ‘d thought it to be.

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