How I stay relevant, controversy-free, by Ramseh Noah

By Ekaete Bassey

Ramsey Noah has revealed how he’s been able to maintain relevance in the movie industry without being controversial contrary to what obtains with other colleagues.

Contrary to most of his colleagues who believe controversies give you relevance, the super-talented actor noted that he’s a lover of positivity who does not find negative controversies healthy.

According to the top Nollywood act, he is one who is committed to his passion for creating great movies, as such people can clearly see the love he has for what he does and in turn, he’s able to stay relevant with their constant appreciation.

Speaking in an interview with Hip TV, the movie star talked about how he’s been able to stay relevant yet controversy-free.

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Ramsey said:“We all have our different strategies to applying to all these things. I don’t think negative controversy is healthy. For me, it’s never been my thing right from the start.

“So, I just like the positivity basically because there’s a whole lot of negativity around already, So, why do I wanna harp onto that?

“I think we should look at things from a brighter outlook rather than always looking for the negatives sides.

“So, for me, I’ve committed myself very strongly to the art. That’s what I’m really passionate about and I guess that’s what makes me relevant.

“People can tell that I really love my job and I love the way I do it; and they can see it in my work. And that’s why I think they appreciate me a lot and that makes me relevant.”

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