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How Jason Momoa really felt about working with Nicole Kidman

Like many of his former co-stars, Jason Momoa holds Nicole Kidman in very high regard and admits that he is a huge fan of the Australian actress and her work. The “Aquaman” star gushed about Kidman in an interview with SciFiNow magazine in 2018, saying that he had “one of the best acting experiences” filming the movie with her.

He also admitted that he was nervous about working with Kidman on the film due to her huge success in Hollywood. “He was extremely scared because she was like, ‘My God, she’s so amazing,'” he said. “I’ve never worked with anyone who came close to an Academy Award.”

Working with Kidman, Momoa said he was particularly in awe of her acting process – seeing the Oscar winner expertly approach each scene and deliver a flawless performance every time. “It was just beautiful,” he said. “He was so smart with her choices and it was great.”

Speaking to ET Canada at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, Momoa described Kidman as simply one of the best actors he’s ever worked with. “I’ve never seen anybody with that kind of work ethic,” she said, noting that they filmed many shots “in extreme conditions.” Momoa added, “It was just beautiful to watch. I almost feel like a bystander because we’re so close to her, just looking at her. She’s a pro.”

Nicole Kidman’s casting in Aquaman sparked controversy

Despite her stellar performance as Aquaman’s mother, Atlanna, the casting of Nicole Kidman in “Aquaman” was not without its critics. Many DC fans pointed out the age difference between her and main star Jason Momoa: Momoa was 39 and Kidman was 51 when the film was released. In a 2018 conversation with Variety, Kidman said she wasn’t bothered by comments that she was too young to play Momoa’s mother.


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