How Madison Survived Burning Stadium Will Kim Dickens Return to The Walking Dead Season 8 Fears?

How Madison Survived Burning Stadium Will Kim Dickens Return to The Walking Dead Season 8 Fears

The 7th season ending of AMC’s post-apocalyptic collection ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ offers astonishing advancements concerning the future of the survivors. Morgan arrives in a radiation-free area in Louisiana with Baby Mo and also realizes that PADRE is undoubtedly actual. Yet one of the most shocking part of the episode needs to be Kim Dickens’ return as Madison Clark.

Morgan, Alicia, Victor, and other survivors believe that Madison died at the baseball stadium, she saves Morgan from a team of masked males that try to kill him. As Madison plays an indispensable duty in the episode, one have to be eager to find out about her survival from the burning stadium and also the personality’s future in the program. On that particular note, allow us share what we understand! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Exactly How Did Madison Escape From the Burning Stadium?

In the 8th episode of the 4th season, Madison draws a substantial herd of walkers right into a baseball stadium to conserve Alicia, Nick, Strand, and Luciana. Her belief that the solid walls of the stadium would maintain the dead inside turns out to be real. Upon guaranteeing her kids’s safety and security, she intends to escape through the passages, just to recognize that they are obstructed. For the safety of others, she throws a flare at the feet of the grease-drenched walkers. Alicia and also others think that Madison has actually compromised her life for them. Madison’s look in the season 7 ending shows that she has escaped from the stadium.

Even though Madison refrains from revealing how she managed to escape, people from PADRE must have played a part in her survival since she ends up in the secret community after her escape. When Madison first arrives at PADRE, she doesn’t have any burns, indicating that she has managed to stay away from fire till she received help.

Although Madison’s lungs get impacted due to the smoke, the lack of any other problems shows that she has actually got rescued from the stadium not long after starting the fire. Participants of PADRE might have conserved Madison upon seeing her strength and nerve. Taking into consideration that PADRE needs to have been recruiting collectors to steal kids for their people, Madison’s display screen of valor might have thrilled them to save her.

Kim Dicken’s go back to the show as Madison after a long break need to have made followers of the show curious about the nature of her reappearance. Is it a cameo or will Kim Dickens be a part of the show in the upcoming season? Let’s find out!

Will Kim Dickens Return in Fear the Walking Dead Season 8?

Yes, Kim Dickens will return in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 8. In December 2021, AMC confirmed the renewal of the show for the eighth installment and Kim Dickens’ participation in the season as part of the main cast. Thus, we will see the actress in a regular capacity in season 8 after the brief appearance in season 7.

According to Chambliss, Madison’s storyline is an important part of the program moving on. “A huge part of her [Madison’s] return is asking the questions: What has that journey had to do with? Where does that leave her as a character? Just how does that form her moving forward and also just how does that form the program moving forward? It’s gon na give a really huge signpost for where the show is going forward,” he added to Insider. Considering the end of the seventh season, we can expect Madison to team up with Morgan and also her former partners, consisting of Daniel and Morgan, to eliminate the authorities of PADRE.

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