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How Much Money Did Keith Gill aka Roaring Kitty Make in GameStop Stock?

Netflix’s ‘Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga’ is a three-part docuseries checking out exactly how GameStop’s stock price skyrocketed in very early 2021 after several financiers started purchasing shares. All of it started with Keith Gill’s decision to acquire supplies in the business in mid-2019, believing it was underestimated. At one point, GameStop’s share price soared to more than $400, leading lots of to profit as a result of what was labelled a short squeeze. If you’re wondering how much Keith obtained during all of this, below’s what we know.

How Much Money Did Keith Gill Make in GameStop Stock?

Keith Patrick Gill, that functioned as a monetary health education and learning supervisor for MassMutual, began checking GameStop’s supply rate at some time in 2019. Over the next pair of years, Keith continued to increase his setting because he really felt that GameStop was undervalued.

Keith put in about $53,000 and began publishing updates consistently on WallStreetBets, an online forum on Reddit. As Roaring Kitty on YouTube, he talked about GameStop being an excellent investment. In August 2020, the company’s supply cost rose after Ryan Cohen, an entrepreneur, bought a considerable stake. This resulted in Keith’s financial investment increasing to $1 million. Consequently, numerous various other investors followed his activities, as well as more people purchased GameStop stock. This indicated that the share cost maintained going up.

In January 2021, Keith’s financial investment worth increased to $48 million as a result of the increase in GameStop’s share cost; it reached around $483 at one point. In action, Keith was shocked at just how rewarding it turned out to be, stating in a meeting from around the exact same time, “I thought this trade would be successful, but I never ever anticipated what happened over the past week.”

In February 2021, Keith’s specified that his share worth decreased by $13 million in a day after GameStop’s share cost went down to $92.41 on February 3. The market volatility didn’t seem to have actually influenced Keith’s idea in the business’s value. In the very same month, he got an additional 50,000 shares, bringing his overall to 100,000 shares worth concerning $4 million. At that point, in addition to GameStop shares, Keith had $1.5 million in GameStop options contracts as well as an added $11.9 million in cash.

In April 2021, Keith exercised his 500 telephone call choices contracts before expiry, giving him 50,000 more shares at $12. Keith’s shares were estimated to be worth more than $30 million at that factor. As of February 2022, the rate was around $112, meaning Keith’s investment was still hugely successful.

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