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Hunter’sRun | George R.R.’s sci-fi book Martin will win film

Hunter’s Run, sci-fi book written by George R.R. Martin, will be adapted for film. According to Variety, Mark Raso is in the direction and his brother, Joseph Raso, in the script-the duo worked on the science fiction Awake, from Netflix.

Written in 2007, Martin’s work with authors Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham (The Expanse) focuses on Ramón Espejo, who, when he wakes up in the dark, has no memory of how he got there. Soon he discovers that he is hostage to an alien race and that, to regain his freedom, he will be forced to help them find another human like him – a fugitive.

In the story, Ramón is Latino, which is an advantage for Exile Content Studios, who bought the rights. The studio has audiovisual productions in English and Spanish in its portfolio.

“I am so pleased that after nearly 16 years, Hunter’s Run will be made into a movie,” Martin said in a statement. of our book.”

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