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I want a husband not relationship –Maryann Apollo

By Olusanya Kehinde

NOLLYWOOD actress Maryann Apollo has announced that what she currently desires is a husband and not a relationship.

Apollo, who was on an Instagram session with Stella Damasus said, “I’m in my 40s, I can’t start a relationship but when a husband comes, it’s a husband I want.”

She went further to talk about how she has remained celibate until she meets a man that desires her as a wife.

“You’re not gonna taste me, I’m celibate, six years now, I’m not groundnut you can’t taste me. If you want to taste me, pay for the goods and carry the goods to your father’s house.”

The actress also gave an example of how her suitor was asking her for a relationship but her response was that “I know but a relationship in God’s way.”

She also reiterated that her suitor’s love for Jesus is important and they’ll go to church together and maintained that’s all her suitor will get.

“This body, this me is for one man. God will not give me the wrong person,” she said.

However, she claimed that she has no fear of not being married and she is also not afraid to be married. She said, “if it was before when it was in the world, I would have rushed into one and by now l, I would have been divorced because their lifestyle is not my lifestyle.”

When asked about the process her suitors go through, she said, “I go to my spiritual father and I say daddy I’ve brought somebody to you. Then he’ll pray about it and say the person is not the one. And I say okay, I’ll also take it to Jesus.”

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