I’m mandated by God to heal the sick or I die, says 77-year-old cleric

By Nsa Gill, Calabar

Seventy-seven-year-old Christian cleric by the name Nathan Otozulu from Bayelsa State says he is “a Nobody” because he does not like titles. But for his works faith and healing which God Almighty has passed through him to heal, people started calling him Prophet Nathan Otozulu.

He was in Calabar, the Cross River State capital where he had an audience with few newsmen and said he is mandated by God to go from State to State and Country to Country to heal the sick.

According to him, he had the calling as far back as 1968 when he was studying mathematics in Liverpool, Uk. “A strange gentle whispery voice warned me to stop studying mathematics. I did not pay attention nor care to bother what it was all about. Then in 1976, here in Nigeria, the same voice spoke to me again about a Spiritual Disease called the Virus that would pollute the world and will frustrate medical science. I was made to attend series of lectures, night after night in my dreams on how to destroy the virus. I saw the virus itself and it is a spiritual affliction from Marine Spirit with a very simple mass healing Spiritual Solution with the power of the Holy Spirit.”

He continued, “I became aware and serious of my situation when the voice said –‘I am God Almighty talking to you; I have clothed you with the power of the Holy Spirit for your blessing to do my work; Command the river around you to change its direction of flow and it will obey you; concentrate on my work; the time is against us; move out and get it done else you will suffer the same fate as that of Zachariah in Luke 1:Vs. 5-25.”

For his reluctance over time, he suddenly lost his three cars to inferno on a single day and hour.

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His fortunes started taking a downward turn, saying; “Everything I was doing for a living disappeared. I knew for sure that I will not be able to escape the ordeal so I started to go about conducting healing crusades in Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Benue states.”

He said even by telephone from a distance, he would pray into a bottle of water in your hand and the spirit of God will do her work and bring healing to any disease afflicting the person.

“I do exactly what the voice told me to do by commanding a whole river or ordinary drinkable water and whosoever drink of it will cause instant destruction of the Aids Virus. The proof of dead viruses will be seen as slimy mucus; strange color or heavy foam in the urine of the victim within few hours of drinking the water. This is the mystery surrounding my mission on earth.”

He maintained that “the victim will start to live a normal life without drugs, no more aches, and pains. The body will start to germinate between 20 to 50 new blood cells every month to replace the damaged immune system known as the CD4 lymphocyte count; which controls the HIV-Negative status.”

He said he is ready to visit every corner of the world to free the victims.

He added that healing comes from God, not him and that the treatment is available even through a telephone call.

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