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I’m Still Here – A supernatural love || review

Sometimes the departed verbally call out to us…

My hospicians, I’m here again to make you happy, and this time I’m bringing you a review of the newest premiere of our darling Netflix, come with me to meet: I’m still here!

But you can be very calm and calm, because we won’t have any spoilers here!

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In the cast of the feature we have our talented Joey KingBesides Kyle Allen, Kim Dickens, John Ortiz and Celeste O’Connor, have addirection of Arie Posin eorsucker in Marc Klein.

I love cinema

Source: I love cinema

Now the time has come that you are most looking forward to, to know my humble opinion and my simple considerations, so come with me and prepare the tissues…

Here’s the synopsis…

The film follows the young Tessa (Joey King), who spent her childhood in shelters for minors, and doesn’t believe she can live true love. Everything changes when she meets and starts dating skylar (Kyle Allen), a very romantic resident of the neighboring town. Together, they are involved in a car accident that takes the life of skylar. After the lover’s death, the young woman comes to believe that he is trying to communicate with her from the other world. The supernatural love story is based on the book of Marc Klein.


When we come across long films about love stories, we already imagine or rather, we are already sure that they will be loaded with emotion, and here is no different. The feature that talks about pain, grief and overcoming, makes those like me, who are very emotional, cry easily.

The direction made good use of the chemistry that exists between love and pain, adding to this formula some elements that made for a good plot, such as a long-distance passion and the supernatural. And despite highlighting how the grieving process is intense and how difficult it is sometimes to accept and understand its phases, it manages to leave the message that, by accepting it, it is possible to move on.

We still have that emotion with a tacky little touch about valuing the power of love. With that, the direction achieved a light story, which flows naturally and with emotions in the right dose.

I love cinema
Source: I love cinema


I must say that many will consider the story of the feature quite cliché, I confess that I also found it, but it managed to surprise me in a very positive way. It made me think and reflect on accepting pain and how to overcome it. It becomes easy to make comparisons of experience with emotional traumas that people go through on a daily basis in real life.

Well, despite being a young romantic film and not a mega production, I say yes, it’s worth taking the time to watch it. Although it has a somewhat predictable ending. But I warn you that it is better to prepare some tissues!

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