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Ink Master Season 3: Where Are They Now? Winners and Cast

‘Ink Master’ is an exciting reality reveal that pits experienced tattoo artists against each other in a competition to win the sought after title of Ink Master. As individuals undertake different difficulties that boost in the level of problem, they are evaluated by knowledgeable tattoo musicians as well as lovers. Eventually, after a number of eliminations, the title of Ink Master is presented upon the last standing tattoo artist, along with an enormous cash prize and a feature in Inked Magazine. With season 3 having actually ended in 2013, fans are now curious to understand where the participants are today. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Where is Joshua Hibbard Now?

A tattoo musician from Portland, Oregon, Joshua Hibbard wowed everybody with his splendid layouts. He was ultimately bested by several others and put 5th in the competitors. Declining to give up, he honed his craft and re-emerged in season 5. It was not to be, as the 5th season saw him go home after putting 8th. Ever since, Joshua has developed an outstanding credibility for developing large-scale theoretical tattoos with striking aesthetic results. His social media account stands as a statement to his skill.

With aid from his family and also psychological health specialists, the tattoo artist was able to pull through. At present, Joshua runs his very own tattoo studio called the Portland Tattoo Company as well as is also a component of the Esoteric Tattoo Studio.

Where is Kyle Dunbar Now?

The tattoo artist from Flint, Michigan, fell behind towards the end of the competitors as well as came fourth. At the time of filming, Kyle possessed the Almighty Tattoo workshop in his home town of Flint, Michigan.

Kyle’s spouse, Candy Dunbar, shares the same enthusiasm as well as know-how in tattoo art and helms the ship together with her spouse. Presently, besides tattooing at numerous local stores and also endeavor trips at Tattoo Art Conventions around the country, Kyle and Candy also did a job with the Squid Ink Studio, a tattoo and puncturing shop abroad a cruise liner.

Where is Katherine Flores Now?

Katherine initially showed up in season 2 of ‘Ink Master,’ where she landed fourth in the competitors. Owing to her ability in the art form, she was more given an opportunity to complete in season 3, where she placed 3rd. After her stint on ‘Ink Master,’ Katherine also appeared on ‘Black Ink Crew.’

Katherine’s participation in the TV program ‘Cartel Crew’ amassed a great deal of follower interest as it revealed her dad to be a New York drug authority. Presently, Katherine appreciates being a mommy to her child, Deniro Roman Soto, as well as likes recording her life on social media sites. She also runs her own tattoo workshop– Till The End Tattoos– in Miami, Florida, and shares her charming skills on Instagram.

Where is Jime Litwalk Now?

Jime Litwalk handled to intrigue courts with his tattooing skills in season 3 but was beat by Joey Hamilton in the season finale, making him the season’s runner-up. In addition, he also located a put on season 7 of the show as an expert however had to exit in 8th area. Ever since, Jime decided to boost his knowledge by participating in tattoo conventions around the United States. Since Jime’s tattoo art approves illustrative and computer animated design, he even discovered a location at Orlando’s Ascension Tattoo Studio. Jime presently runs the Built 4 Speed Tattoo Studio out of Orlando and records his magnificent service social media sites for all to see.

Where is Joey Hamilton Now?

With 16 years of experience to his name at the time, Joey Hamilton breezed with the competition in season 3 and won the desired title of Ink Master. Ever since, Joey’s appeal has actually gotten on the rise, and also he now co-owns Revolt Tattoos with another ‘Ink Master’ veteran, Walter ‘Sausage’ Frank. With Revolt Tattoos now in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, as well as Salt Lake, it has actually turned into a financially rewarding company as well as has a wide following. Joey is likewise rather happy in his personal life and is presently wed to Liana Hamilton. The couple has a fantastic boy together, who is virtually four years old. It is beautiful to witness Joey’s success, as well as we desire him the greatest for the coming years.

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