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Iron Chef Brazil: Where Are They Now, Update on Season 1 Chefs Today

‘Iron Chef: Brazil’ is an intriguing affordable food preparation show that takes the most effective and brightest from Brazil’s culinary industry and also pits them versus rising stars that have just started to go far on their own. While the stalwarts are organized with each other as the iron chefs, they are dealt with by the challengers in several themed battles over the course of the season. Inevitably, the opposition that beats his Iron Chef with the most amount of points gets to contend against five of them for the prize in the season finale.

Season 1 of ‘Iron Chef: Brazil’ provided us with plenty of awesome minutes as we experienced Iron Chefs exciting us with their mastery or oppositions besting the stalwarts through sheer resolution and also strategy. Nonetheless, with electronic cameras now turned around, fans wonder to know where the cast participants go to present. Well, let’s figure out, shall we?

Where Is Chef Bel Coelho Now?

Bel found her interest for cooking from a young age as well as graduated from the Culinary Institute of America before working with some leading chefs at preferred restaurants. At present, she appears to be based in Sao Paulo, where she has and also runs her dining establishments Cuia and Clandestino Restaurante.

Where Is Chef Carole Crema Now?

A specialist at baking as well as pleasant recipes, Carole Crema, shocked all with her incredible meals on ‘Iron Chef: Brazil.’ She appears to be currently based out of Sao Paulo, where she runs her very own restaurant and additionally provides cooking courses for individuals that want to service their baking abilities.

Where is Chef Felipe Schaedler Now?

A master of fish and also seafood, Felipe seems to divide his time in between Say Paulo as well as Manaus and also has a number of popular restaurants to his name. His front runner dining establishment, Banzeiro, has 2 branches in Sao Paulo and Manaus, while the Iron Chef additionally runs the Manaus-based Moquém do Banzeiro, which offers a fine-dining experience in an informal setup. On the other hand, Felipe is also fairly satisfied in his personal life as he has constructed a life surrounded by friends and family and can usually be seen sharing the memories he makes on social media sites.

Where Is Chef Giovanna Grossi Now?

One of Brazil’s most celebrated chefs, Giovanna Grossi, obtained the chance to represent Latin America in 2016’s Bocuse d’Or when she was just 23 years of age. At present, she seems to live in Sao Paulo, where she runs her flagship restaurant, Animus Restaurante.

Where Is Chef Rodrigo Oliveira Now?

One of the most popular chefs in Brazil, Rodrigo Oliveira, remains in a delighted relationship with his partner, Adriana Salay. Besides, from the looks of it, the chef resides in Sao Paulo, where he owns and runs the well known and also prize-winning dining establishments, Mocotó as well as Balaio IMS. Additionally, in 2021, Rodrigo broadened his culinary empire as well as opened up the Brazilian-themed dining establishment Caboco in Los Angeles, through which he intended to introduce Brazilian spirit food to the United States.

Where Is Chef Thiago Castanho Now?

Thiago Castanho is a dazzling chef that is understood finest for integrating traditional Brazilian food preparation strategies with a modern-day design. On the various other hand, the chef has actually also been studying the Amazonian area’s cuisine for 15 years and also just recently also got involved in a live food preparation program in the Brazil Pavilion at Dubai’s Expo 2020.

Where Are Chefs Lisiane Arouca and also Fabricio Lemos Now?

Husband and wife duo Lisiane and Fabricio share a stunning dynamic both within as well as outside the cooking area. While their chemistry makes it less complicated for them to collaborate, the couple likewise takes pleasure in a wonderful personal life bordered by family and friends. Presently, Lisiane and Fabricio appear to stay in the city of Salvador in Bahia, where they run Grupo Origem, under which they possess and run numerous popular restaurants, including Restaurante ORI, Restaurante Origem, Gem Bar, and Omí Restaurante.

Where Is Chef Adriano De Laurentiis Now?

A brilliant chef in his own right, Adriano De Laurentiis’s enthusiasm for cooking is made rather noticeable via the mouthwatering productions he shares on social media. Unfortunately, Andriano is fairly personal about his personal life. From the look of it, the young chef presently stays in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he heads his front runner restaurant, Cais, and also is in a stunning partnership with Juliana Alves.

Where Is Chef Bianca Barbosa Now?

Hailing from a dense family, Bianca has preserved a strong bond with her parents and also holds them in charge of the success she has actually accomplished to this date. In addition, she shows up to enjoy a wonderful personal life as well as is a loving mom to a cute 5-year-old. Besides, Bianca describes herself as a chef and also bar proprietor and also currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, where she has as well as operates her facility, Bar Kalango.

Where Is Chef Ieda De Matos Now?

Interestingly, it took Ieda a long time to discover her interest for food preparation, and also she completed her program in Gastronomy when she was 42 years old. She never ever allowed her age quit her from living her desires as well as was established to get to the really top. Currently, Ieda is happily wed, a mom of one, as well as resides with her household in Sao Paulo, where she runs her popular restaurant, Casa de Ieda.

Where Is Chef Michele Crispim Now?

Michele Crispim entered the spotlight when she competed in and also won ‘Masterchef: Brazil’ season 4. Although she was an industrial supervisor prior to starting a cooking profession, Michele quickly accepted her interest and also began passing one landmark after the other en route to success. Today, Michele seems to be staying in Brazil as well as is involved with the Rede television show ‘Cake Boss’ as well as ‘Esse Doce Tem História’ on GNT Moreover, she has actually also been gathering fairly a follower complying with as a chef and food influencer on social networks.

Where Is Chef Paolo Rocha Now?

A local of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Paolo Rocha now functions as the pastry chef at a number of top-end restaurants, including President, Çá-Vá, Lvtetia, and Buteco. Besides, he additionally enjoys sharing his developments on social networks as well as is involved with the program ‘Esse Doce Tem História’ on GNT. Furthermore, fans would likewise be delighted to recognize that in August of 2022, Chef Paolo also revealed that he as well as his companion, Stella Kiss, will invite their very first youngster into this world.

Where Is Chef Rafael Gomes Now?

The amazing chef presently operates and also possesses 2 branches of his restaurant, Itacoa, in Paris as well as Rio, along with the Rio-based pork specialty restaurant, Porquinho. The chef revealed that he would quickly be opening his 4th dining establishment, Tiara, which would certainly offer a fine-dining experience.

Where Are Walkyria Fagundes and Ygor Lopes Now?

Walkyria and Ygor started their respective culinary journeys separately, they satisfied in Sao Paulo and quickly got started on a gorgeous partnership. They presently possess and run their own dining establishment, AE!

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