Is Alexei Poletov Dead, Is Pawel Szajda Leaving For All Mankind

Is Alexei Poletov Dead, Is Pawel Szajda Leaving For All Mankind

‘For All Mankind’ is a sci-fi collection that focuses on the space race and also graphes an alternating training course in background. After the USSR ends up being the very first nation to come down on the moon, NASA as well as Roscosmos participate in a space race that extends to Mars in the show’s third season. The season sees the intro of Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Poletov (Pawel Szajda), who deals with several challenges throughout his time in area.

In the seventh episode, Alexei is among the cosmonauts caught in the substantial landslide that rocks the surface area of Mars. Visitors need to be wondering whether Alexei succumbs to the circumstances and just how the personality’s destiny impacts star Pawel Szajda’s time on the show. If you are trying to find solutions concerning Alexei’s fate and Pawel Szajda’s future on ‘For All Mankind,’ right here is every little thing you require to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Alexei Poletov Dead?

Alexei is the one to notify Sojourner-1 about Mars-94 overusing its nuclear engines leading to a disastrous catastrophe. Alexei as well as some other cosmonauts are rescued by Danielle Poole’s team as well as brought aboard the Sojourner-1 spacecraft.

In the seventh episode, the drilling transforms right into a disaster, and also several astronauts as well as cosmonauts such as Alexei, Ed Baldwin, and also Danny Stevens are caught in the resulting landslide. The too much exposure to Mars’ ambience triggers him brain damages, and also regardless of the group’s best initiatives to save Alexei, he passes away in the eighth episode.

Is Pawel Szajda Leaving For All Mankind?

In ‘For All Mankind,’ star Pawel Szajda essays the duty of Alexei Poletov and is attributed as a repeating cast member for the show’s third season. The actor’s time as Alexei on ‘For All Mankind’ consists of some interesting storylines, as well as his love with Kelly is one of the highlights of the third season.

With the death of Szajda’s Alexei, this storyline has likely wrapped up and paves the method for an additional interesting conflict for Kelly. While the actor is yet to reveal any kind of upcoming projects, it is unlikely that audiences will be seeing even more of him as Alexei in the remaining episodes of ‘For All Mankind’ season 3.

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