Is Are My Friends Killers, Based on a True Story, Where Was it Filmed, Lifetime Cast Details

Is Are My Friends Killers, Based on a True Story, Where Was it Filmed, Lifetime Cast Details

In honor of Lauren’s memory, her mom, Mrs. Price, uses Zoey the chance to participate in the same university that the previous was a part of, with her paying the tuition. A happy Zoey starts and also accepts the deal at her new university, where she is invited to join an elite university club called “The Select” by its participants, Samantha as well as David.

Shortly later, Mrs. Price look into Zoey and exposes her suspicions that The Select may have eliminated Lauren. Although reluctant, the latter accepts examine, but what she finds may show deadly to her life. The Lifetime movie has actually been praised for its cast efficiencies and also reasonable aesthetic backdrops. Additionally, the storyline has actually made many visitors wonder if it is motivated by real-life occasions. If you are one such interested soul, we are right here to tell you every little thing we know concerning the exact same.

Is Are My Friends Killers? a True Story?

While the film is imaginary, several elements in the thriller do seem to be motivated by real life. It begins with a tragedy and also how Zoey and Mrs. Price deal with it in their very own methods.

The various representations of sorrow strike a chord in several hearts as lots of audiences can empathize with the sensation of shedding a loved one. One more reasonable element in the film is the questionable nature of the supposed elite club in Zoey’s university. Though a lot of college clubs are implied to encourage pupils’ minds and also skills, there have been incidents where this is not the case.

The cult-like actions of such companies, disguised as innocent clubs, might lead to extreme effects for the participants. Not all companies need to be looked at with a dubious eye, yet basic recognition of one’s environments is constantly critical.

Moreover, ‘Are My Friends Killers?’ emphasizes the significance of positioning one’s trust in the right people, especially when points seem suspicious. Simply put, there is something for each individual to associate with in the Lifetime motion picture; regardless of it not being a true story, it does contain items of the real world within its folds.

Are My Friends Killers? Filming Locations

The film’s principal digital photography occurred in October as well as November 2021, with Joseph M. Setele in the cinematographer’s chair. Now, let’s discover the details of the locations that show up in the thriller motion picture.

Los Angeles County, California

Most of the scenes in ‘Are My Friends Killers?’ were contended the University of La Verne, situated in the city of La Verne in Los Angeles County. Considered that a significant part of the Lifetime thriller is embeded in an university, the university acted as a suitable location. The organization is a personal university established in 1891, consisting of the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business & Public Management, the LaFetra College of Education, College of Law, as well as College of Health and also Community Well-Being. It likewise has an online adult college and two army centers.

The college was recognized as Lordsburg College; the name was transformed to La Verne College in 1917 when the surrounding town of Lordsburg changed its name to La Verne. The establishment still worked as a college till 1977, when it transitioned and also went through a restructuring to an university.

Several scenes in the film were recorded in various places throughout Los Angeles County, apparently in Los Angeles too. The centers readily available in and around the city are several of the most effective in the industry and also enable effective filming. A few other motion pictures lensed in Los Angeles consist of ‘Day Shift’ ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Nope,’ and ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day.’

Are My Friends Killers? Cast

Jalina Brown essays Zoey in the Lifetime thriller. The gifted Cami Storm depicts Lauren in the motion picture.

Shaylaren Hilton plays Samantha; the actress is known for her functions in ‘Pom Poms and also Payback’ as well as ‘Beaus of Holly.’ Various other cast members of ‘Are My Friends Killers?’ include Jennifer Dorogi (Mrs. Price), Jackie Kay (David), Jeff Lawless (Adam), Iris Liu (Ming), Elizabeth Johnson (Chloe), and Marissa Roberts (Detective Todd).

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