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Is Athena a True Story, Is the Netflix Movie Based on Real Life?

Netflix’s ‘Athena’ is a French-language movie directed by Romain Gavras about the titular council estate in Paris. The drama movie focuses on three bros, Abdel, Mokhtar, and Karim, who each respond differently to the fatality of their youngest brother or sister, Idir. Their ideological issues produce an intense family members dramatization in the middle of a civil battle that unfolds in the Athena estate.

The movie discovers motifs of anarchy, violence, and authorities cruelty through the problem in between the bros. As a result, provided the socio-political effects of the narrative, visitors must be questioning if the movie is based upon true events. Because case, here is every little thing you need to learn about the inspiration behind ‘Athena.’.

Is Athena a True Story?

No, ‘Athena’ is not based on a true story. The story takes location in the Athena council estate in Paris.

In a meeting with The Hollywood Co-writer, press reporter and director Romain Gavras opened regarding the concept of the movie’s story. “The suggestion of being inside the sparkle of what might come to be the very first blaze that would certainly spread through a country like a donation. Since I’ve constantly been affected from my beginnings by Greek disaster– you know, Greek catastrophe was like the bedtime tales in my family members– we extremely promptly decided that we required those official high qualities of narration, which is (a) unity of time as well as unity of location, and (a) great deal of tips and symbolic power to the photos,” Gavras specified.

Instead, the estate is an imaginary development, and the name recommendations the film’s Greek disaster influences and also Athena, the Greek goddess of battle as well as knowledge. The director discussed that while crafting the story, they focused on an inciting event that might ignite the whole country. Rather, the story of Idir’s fatality and his brothers’ response draws loosened inspiration from numerous real-life occurrences.

To give the story a realistic feeling, Gavras used the Greek narration design submersed in the family dynamics. “When you consider the Greek civil war, it’s something that males in my household have recognized– it’s like grandfather versus grandpa; cousin against cousin,” Gavras said, discussing the film’s family members styles. “It’s the worst since it’s within the family. This is why we took the affection of a family getting torn apart, where their torment spills across the neighborhood and afterwards throughout the country,” he claimed.

Inevitably, ‘Athena’ is not based on a true story. It is an imaginary story motivated by the elements of Greek disaster and discovers ideological differences caused by civil war through the motif of family. The violence and socio-political conflicts in the imaginary Athena council estate stand for the numerous issues that the globe faces.

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