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Is Billy Hope Based on Eminem? Is Southpaw 8 Mile Sequel?

‘Southpaw’ is an action-drama film routed by Antoine Fuqua that revolves around an established boxer named Billy “The Great” Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal). To reclaim his splendor and also obtain his daughter back, Billy establishes out on a course to look for redemption. With Billy Hope’s trip, it portrays what it’s like to strike rock base and rise once again from the ashes.

Rapper Eminem was to star in the film as Billy Hope after his effective outing in ‘8 Mile.’ The rapper additionally wrote and also created two tracks for the motion picture. The role eventually went to Jake Gyllenhaal, who trained thoroughly as well as obtained right into form to represent the fighter. Eminem’s involvement in the task and Billy Hope’s reasonable journey make us wonder if the character is based on Eminem as well as if ‘Southpaw’ is a sequel to ‘8 Mile.’ Well, if you’ve been thinking of this too, look no more, as we’ve obtained you covered.

Is Billy Hope Based on Eminem?

Yes, Billy Hope is based on Eminem. In a meeting with Deadline, Kurt Sutter stated how boxing is a symbolic means for him to illustrate Eminem’s trip with Billy Hope as its vessel.

If we look at Billy Hope’s past and whatever he goes via in the film, we are reminded of the “Rap God” in several methods. The most obvious resemblance is exactly how Billy comes from an impoverished history and has actually had a struggling youth.

Furthermore, Eminem dealt with countless issues maturing, including his mother’s addiction to drugs, which the rap artist discusses in his song “My Mom.” In the motion picture, Billy likewise exposes exactly how he has actually been jailed a number of times. While Eminem hasn’t been jailed, he has actually been charged with the infraction of possessing a weapon without an authorization. For this, the rap artist was sentenced to 2 years of probation. These instances portray how Billy and Eminem come from globes that aren’t far from each other.

One more facet of Billy’s personality that mirrors Eminem’s life is their partnership with their children. In the film, Billy strives to return on his feet as well as battles to obtain wardship of his little girl, Leila. To Billy, Leila is the most vital thing worldwide, and he doesn’t wish to allow her address any price. The love and also courage Billy shows for Leila are comparable to what Eminem feels for his daughter Hailie. In 2000, when Eminem and his ex-wife Kim Scott were defending the custodianship of Hailie, the rap artist’s grandmother told The Macomb Daily just how Hailie “is his entire life.”

This, both Billy and Eminem have delighted in medicine and alcohol misuse. Although the film doesn’t explicitly disclose this, Billy Hope resorts to medicines and other envigorating materials after the passing away of his partner. In one scene, he even tries to take his life by ramming his auto into a post. Later, he is asked on several circumstances if he is sober.

In real-life, Eminem has dealt with substance abuse, as well as though he’s never tried self-destruction, he has actually thought of “offering it up,” as he claimed on the talk show ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.’ Therefore, Billy Hope’s total arc in ‘Southpaw’ is similar to Eminem’s journey and battles. The rap artist’s life is finest depicted in the semi-biographical movie, ‘8 Mile,’ and these resemblances in between the genuine as well as fictional figures make us question if ‘Southpaw’ is a sequel to ‘8 Mile.’

Is Southpaw a Sequel to 8 Mile?

‘ Southpaw’ isn’t a sequel to ‘8 Mile’ in the conventional sense. It is a symbolic sequel that represents Eminem’s life with the lens of boxing. While speaking to Deadline, the writer stated, “In a method, this is an extension of the 8 Mile tale, however as opposed to a literal biography, we are doing a metaphorical story of the 2nd phase of his life.”

While ‘8 Mile’ is about a rapper who tries to make it large after coming from no place, ‘Southpaw’ depicts exactly how the fighter tries to obtain what is shed and also reconstruct the splendor the boxer when had. Thus, to restate, Billy Hope is influenced by subtleties of Eminem’s life, as well as ‘Southpaw’ is a symbolic sequel to ‘8 Mile.’

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