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Is Dope a True Story, Is the Movie Based on Real Life

Released in 2015, Dope is a coming-of-age funny– drama that follows the story of three geeky young adults and their wild adventures. The story generally revolves around Malcolm that strives to obtain into Harvard University however one fine day, unintentionally finishes up with a bag complete of drugs.

Set in Inglewood, California, the movie illustrates the battles of surviving in a difficult community, however not in a way that you would anticipate. The movie doesn’t look for sympathy or request validation, it simply represents the raw life of a black teenage youngster, with a sprinkle of funny in it. The really raw experiences discussed in the movie hit close to house for those who have stayed in the similar or exact same communities, making them curious to recognize if the story is based upon true events. Allow’s discover!

Is Dope a True Story?

No, ‘Dope’ is not based on a true story, however is influenced by real-life occasions. The story is penciled by supervisor Rick Famuyiwa, who has actually worked on numerous notable movies like ‘Brown Sugar’ as well as has actually additionally previously covered Inglewood in his 1999 attribute movie ‘The Wood’.


‘ Dope’ might have been a stereotyped movie about the difficulties encountered by black teens originating from a difficult community, but Malcolm, Jib, and Diggy aren’t your common teenagers. Although their experiences are the same as a regular kid from a crime-high community, their inquisitiveness regarding life makes them special. They are the youngsters of the electronic age who are hopeful concerning a brilliant future regardless of just how their setting is. In a meeting with Wired supervisor, Famuyiwa revealed, “I intended to transform the suggestion and also try of what we call mainstream. So many times what we call mainstream is upper middle class white suburb. And anything outside of that is taken into consideration niche.” He added, “I didn’t desire it to feel like we’re simply occupying the world with black characters. I wanted it to be really specific. They’re faced with a lot of challenges many people don’t have to face. I desired to be extremely real regarding that, but additionally really feel like just since it’s not your specific experiences that does not indicate you can’t associate to them.”

He further described the beginning of the movie, stating, “A lot of what drove it was that we’re living in this area where anything is feasible. It wasn’t that lengthy ago that I was coming up, yet it really feels virtually old that you had to go to the library and also you had World Book Encyclopedias.


Famuyiwa wanted ‘Dope’ to be organic and also raw, not only in expressing the story however additionally in depicting the interactions with modern technology in the movie; he wanted ‘Dope’ to really feel real in all aspects. He additionally elaborated on this element with Wired, claiming, “You can’t control where you are born, and when you’re maturing, till you’ve seen another thing, you’re just living your life. These youngsters do not even think of themselves as remaining in a dreadful or poor environment. It’s kind of a generation that really feels endless. Harvard and Ivy League schools feel possible as well as real to [Malcolm] because he’s attached to a great deal of those youngsters. It opens a world of opportunities, however it also opens our eyes to what we still are battling with. I believe Malcolm as well as his friends are managing all of that.”

When recalling circumstances from his life, Famuyiwa informed New York Post that the scene where Malcolm comes across a dope dealer is based on his very own story. He said,” [The real-life dealer] was depending on the corner and also asked me ahead over. Just like in the film, he stated ‘There’s an adorable girl over there as well as I desire you to say “hi” for me.’ I thought about the moment and also exactly how it can have spun in many instructions.” As Famuyiwa adds, “I was constantly this unusual castaway youngster,” it appears that the lead character Malcolm is motivated by his experiences. The high school nerd that aspires to study at Harvard University, is consumed with ’90s hip hop, and also resides in The Bottoms, a high-crime community, is created from his very own experiences of being a first-generation American to Nigerian parents.

Dope 3

Famuyiwa intended to organically bring the story of a black young adult, that lives in an incredibly difficult neighborhood as well as experiences challenges to seek his dream of researching at the Harvard University. The script, the story, the setup, as well as the youthful vigor of the teens had numerous analytical to recognize if the story was inspired by real events. The personalities and the story are fictional, their journey is really much derived from real experiences that a black young adult from Inglewood experiences, which Famuyiwa splendidly depicts in ‘Dope’. The challenges that Malcolm deals with is influenced by real-life instances from Famuyiwa’s very own life.

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