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Is El Rey, Vicente Fernández a True Story, Is the Netflix Movie Based on a Real Singer?

Created by Dago Garcían and Jhonny Alexander Ortiz, Netflix’s ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández,’ AKA ‘The Idol of the People,’ tells the story of a Mexican singer named Vicente Fernández. As a guy from humble starts, Vicente attempts his finest to transform his love for music into a viable occupation.

Starring Jaime Camil as Vicente Fernández, the collection informs a heartfelt and also fascinating story of a passionate man that became cherished by his countrymen. Nevertheless, several wonder concerning exactly how the series happened. Is it motivated by real-life stories, as well as did Vicente Fernández really exists? Well, we are here to respond to the same and also possibly more.

Is El Rey, Vicente Fernández a True Story?

Yes, ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’ is a true story. The program is based on the life of famous Mexican singer Vicente Fernández Gómez, AKA Vicente Fernández, whose name became associated with Ranchera Music, a genre of standard Mexican music. The collection is developed by Dago Garcían and Jhonny Alexander Ortiz, with the latter likewise being part of the program’s composing group together with Daniela Richer, Luis Guerrero, as well as Rodrigo Ordóñez.

When equated into English, the show’s title checks out ‘The King, Vicente Fernández.’ This is likely a nod to many titles that the singer gathered during his life time, which referred to him as royalty. A few of his well-known labels include El Rey de la Música Ranchera (The King of Ranchera Music), El Ídolo de México (The Idol of Mexico), as well as El Charro de Huentitán (The Charro/Horse Rider from Huentitán). The last title comes from Vicente’s birth place, Huentitán El Alto, in Jalisco, México, where he was born on February 17, 1940.

Vicente’s dad was a herdsman while his mommy remained at house. This sparked Vicente’s enthusiasm for the enjoyment industry. After his family relocated to Tijuana, Mexico, Vicente functioned as a bricklayer, painter, cabinetmaker, etc, in order to aid his family members’s economic problems.

At the age of 14, Vicente started to sing at weddings, restaurants, as well as similar places. His first-ever paid program was La Calandria Musical, a tv program on which Vicente appeared at the age of 21.

In the year 1965, Vicente relocated to Mexico City, Mexico, in order to enhance his musical profession. Provided the popularity of Javier Solís, another iconic Ranchera singer, individuals were hesitant to position their good luck on Vicente. This prompted the Huentitán belonging to seek radio programs to keep his profession going. Shortly later, Javier passed away as a result of problems from gallbladder surgical treatment. While the general public mourned Javier, Vicente began getting to tape-record his albums. The singer chose CBS México as his first tag and afterwards never looked back.

Over the course of his life, Vicente launched renowned songs and albums. He is understood for “El Rey,” “El Hijo Del Pueblo,” as well as “Para Recordar,” which marketed numerous million copies. Vicente came to be a cultural symbol in Mexico as well as gained several awards, consisting of 4 Grammys, 9 Latin Grammys, and also 14 Lo Nuestro Awards. He also has a celebrity on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In August 2021, Vicente fell on his ranch in Guadalajara, Mexico, which damaged his cervical back as well as led the singer to be put on a ventilator. During his stay in the medical facility, the doctors additionally detected Vicente with Guillain– Barré disorder, an illness that causes muscle mass weak point as a result of a jeopardized immune system. The treatment for the condition began immediately, as well as the singer ran out the Intensive treatment Unit in October 2021. Nevertheless, on November 30, 2021, he was once more admitted to the ICU as a result of difficulties triggered by pneumonia. On December 12, 2021, Vicente passed away as a result of the damage from his injuries. The country mourned the loss of one of its symbols, with numerous celebrities revealing condolences.

The ups and downs in Vicente’s life, along with his qualities, both bad and good, are illustrated in the show with excellent care. The impact left by the singer on the Mexican songs industry can not be determined in words, and his loss has actually left several grieving.

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