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Is Eyk Alive or Dead in Netflix 1899?

When Captain Eyk gets signals from an unknown vessel, he suspects it could be from Prometheus, which had actually gone away four months earlier. Eyk makes a decision to take a detour and also comes face to face with Prometheus.

Captain Eyk is just one of the few people who attempt to understand what’s occurring around him. While he does assist others as well as attempts to maintain peace on the ship, he places himself in a hazardous area due to the fact that individuals turn against him. Furthermore, over the 8 episodes, he gradually untangles the secret behind the ship in addition to Maura. As he inches closer to the truth, he significantly comes to be a hazard to those that don’t desire him to know. So what takes place to Eyk? Does he die or live? Well, allow us find out.

Is Eyk Alive or Dead?

We see this in Eyk’s dream, where his partner and little girls shed along with his house. It is precisely why he always tries to assist as well as locate solutions Maura.

When Maura and also Eyk search for her papa, Henry, they run into the very first companion, bring a remote. The first companion exposes that he deals with Henry. Before Maura and also Eyk can do something about it, the initial friend slides a couple of switches, as well as nearly immediately, Eyk goes down to the floor. This doesn’t mean he is dead due to the fact that everything is happening within a simulation.

Like the initial companion, Daniel lugs a remote device. It is not exposed, Daniel most likely drew off the exact same maneuver to put the individuals right into that state. Thus, we recognize that something similar happens to Eyk.

Because everything is happening within Maura’s simulation, it is likely that the first mate merely switched off or momentarily shut down Eyk. This is practically why Eyk goes down almost promptly and doesn’t show any other indications of damages. Ultimately, when Daniel hacks the simulation, corrupts it with an infection, and also removes it from existence, we think that Eyk, like the other characters on the ship, obtained removed as well.

When Maura wakes up on a spacecraf in 2099, she sees Eyk next to him, along with other people from the ship. Thus, Eyk is alive as well as not dead.

The very first concept is that the simulation hasn’t finished. When Daniel damages the simulation, we only see Kerberos obtaining erased as well as vanishing into nothingness.

The 2nd concept is that the spaceship in which Maura wakes up is a simulation too. There’s a chance that the same individuals will certainly not have memories of the previous simulation, and also the objective behind the brand-new simulation can be completely different.

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