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Is Flight a True Story, Is Whip Whitaker Based on a Real Pilot

Taking this serious event as its catalyst, the movie drives its plot based entirely on the complex nature of its lead character. The realistic representation of Whitaker makes one marvel if he is based on a real individual and whether or not the airplane accident illustrated in the film actually took place.

Is Flight Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Flight’ is not based on a true story. Having claimed that, particular elements of the film are motivated by true occasions. Based on the original movie script by John Gatins, the suggestion for the film initial developed while Gatins was on a flight.

This encounter led Gatins to start working with a story regarding a pilot with a flawed personality and suspicious principles. For the opening act, he looked for ideas from the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 in 2000. The factor behind 261’s collision was revealed to be an unscrewed jackscrew that came loose during the flight as well as led the plane to plunge. To attempt and wait from collapsing, pilot Ted Thompson as well as first police officer Bill Tansky flew it upside down, wishing that it would certainly bring some stability to the flight. Unlike Whip Whitaker in the film, they did not be successful, and the airplane collapsed in the Pacific, leading to the death of every person on board.

Flying the plane inverted is a high-risk undertaking, even for the hero of a film, which is why Gatins attempted to utilize the information for the maneuver along with the discussions around it from reality. A great deal of dialogue in the scene was grabbed from the recordings of Flight 261. When Robert Zemeckis came on board to guide the film, he brought his own approach along with the expertise that features being a skilled pilot. The filmmakers generated real pilots and specialists to talk about the formalities of the circumstance, wishing to keep things as sensible as possible.

He also went with a number of cockpit recordings, consisting of the one of United States Airways Flight 1549, which was commandeered by the popular Chesley Sullenberger, whose story ended up being the emphasis of 2016’s ‘Sully’. In ‘Flight’, prior to the airplane collision lands, Whitaker comfortably states “brace for impact”, which is chosen straight from Sullenberger’s story.

Aside from the plane collision, a vital component in Whitaker’s life is his battle with alcohol addiction. Even when his whole occupation as well as life are on the line, he is incapable to handle his addiction, refusing to take assistance despite getting it numerous times. The portrayal of his battle has been captured very realistically, according to Psychology Today. Parallel to Whitaker’s initiative to battle his addiction, we likewise see Nicole (played by Kelly Reilly) trying to leave medicines in the past, which further leads to a terrific comparison in the way they deal with their troubles.

Considering all this, it is fair to say that while ‘Flight’ could not be based upon a true story, it strolls a fine line with realistic look, specifically when it comes to the representation of its characters. Regardless of its fictional nature, it attempts to remain as near the fact as possible and also succeeds, for the most part.

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