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Is Girl in Room 13 Based on a True Story, Where Was it Filmed, Lifetime Cast Details

Directed by Elisabeth Röhm, Lifetime’s ‘Girl in Room 13’ is a thriller dramatization film that rotates around a woman named Grace. With her mom Janie’s assistance, Grace starts functioning at her family members’s restaurant. After meeting up with her ex-lover and also drug supplier Richie, Grace finds herself trapped in a hotel room.

While sent to prison, she is continuously drugged, deprived, and also sexually attacked by Richie in order to break her spirit as well as make her certified enough to market her into human trafficking. At the same time, Janie is determined regarding finding her little girl’s whereabouts prior to it ends up being far too late. The film’s strong cast as well as excellent visuals permit a smooth depiction of a cooling story. Many audiences have expressed their interest regarding the film’s beginnings and also if it is motivated by reality. If you are below to discover out concerning the exact same and much more, we have your back!

Is Girl in Room 13 a True Story?

‘ Girl in Room 13’ is partly based upon a true story. Part of Lifetime’s ‘Ripped from the Headlines’ collection, the motion picture was created by Maria Nation, who has also penciled ‘One Summer’ and also ‘Christmas Everlasting.’ The gifted Elisabeth Röhm took up the director’s duty for the movie, having also helmed ‘To Catch a Seed’ as well as ‘Girl in the Basement’ in the past. While the film’s plot, strictly speaking, is a production of the filmmakers, the minds behind the story were influenced by real-life events surrounding substance abuse and also human trafficking.

The concern numbers entailing the cases of human trafficking have gotten on the increase for a long time. “Human trafficking is a $150 billion a year worldwide industry and also can not be fully resolved without organizations taking efficient and active steps to decrease the capacity for exploitation within their own systems,” Bradley Myles, chief executive officer of Polaris, the not-for-profit company responsible for the human-trafficking hotline in the United States, informed Forbes.

While lots of establishments, both governmental as well as independent, are making a number of efforts to battle the issue of trafficking and also decrease the number of sufferers, the due diligence of the common person is extremely important. As depicted in the film, traffickers commonly medication their sufferers and also keep them in a resort prior to they can easily move their targets to the next destination. Hotel staffers as well as management have actually been prompted throughout the years to watch out for potential warnings, like long-lasting consumers with minimal property or booking under a calling card but paying with cash. Watching out for such signs could help somebody in need.

One must additionally understand that a huge percentage of human trafficking sufferers are females. The victims of sex-related exploitation are mainly girls as well as ladies. Offered such painful numbers, it is simple to see why the lifetime movie places onward a story involving a female sufferer.

While ‘Girl in Room 13’ is not entirely a true story, the character of Grace stands for the battles, decision, and hope of most of the named and unnamed targets of such a horrendous crime. The flick digs deep into exactly how the disappearance of drug users, or individuals with a background connected to narcotics, is typically ignored by police, making them easy targets for human traffickers. The movie explores numerous other sensible elements of the criminal offense in question, making it a genuine depiction of the facts of human trafficking.

Girl in Room 13 Filming Locations

The recording of ‘Girl in Room 13’ primarily took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The principal photography for the movie began on May 16, 2022, as well as ended in the very first week of June 2022. Let’s check out the filming location of the motion picture in a little bit much more information.

Vancouver, Canada

Lifetime’s ‘Girl in Room 13’ was generated in the city of Vancouver in the Canadian district of British Columbia. The motion picture makes the most of the range of places and also backdrops offered in and around the city to shoot the scenes as required. From shooting scenes in an expert swimming pool to setting up camp in houses within Vancouver, the filmmakers attempted their ideal to make use of the facilities as well as areas offered for the movie.

Understood as the Hollywood of the North, Vancouver has actually long been a favored among manufacturers for filmmaking functions. Not only is the city residence to distinguished film studios with cutting edge devices, however it is likewise in the very same time zone as Los Angeles, California, which permits far better transport and also communication between both cities if called for. The city also has a subtle skyline which is why moviemakers often utilize Vancouver as a replacement for whatever area the film is set in. Over the years, Vancouver has actually been house to the production of a number of Lifetime films, consisting of ‘Dying for a Family’ as well as ‘Big Lies in a Small Town.’

Girl in Room 13 Cast

The flick includes Larissa Dias, who represents the personality of Grace. Anne Heche can be seen as Janie in the Lifetime thriller. The actress unfortunately passed away on August 12, 2022, simple weeks prior to the release of ‘Girl in Room 13,’ making the Lifetime thriller one of her last flicks.

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