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Is Hailey Pregnant in P-Valley? Theories

In the second season of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley,’ Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night tries her ideal to do justice to her aspirations. She requires $10 million for the sale of The Pynk despite the fierce opposition of Uncle Clifford and Mercedes Woodbine. She even helps Keyshawn AKA Miss Mississippi to leave her abusive boyfriend Derrick to start a new and also brighter phase of her life.

Hailey progressively establishes herself as an independent and also strong lady among her colleagues. The signs she displays must have made the customers question whether she is pregnant.

Is Hailey (Autumn Night) Pregnant?

The nine episode of the 2nd period complies with Hailey leading the prep work for the re-opening evening of The Pynk. She gives Keyshawn a possibility to heading the evening with Roulette and Whisper as second entertainers. She also handles Mercedes, who examines her choices as she fails to be fit sufficient to headline the evening. As the prep work continue, Hailey hurries to the toilet unexpectedly to vomit. As she takes a minute to process the very same, she encounters Whisper, that asks her whether she prepares to invite the twins, suggesting the opportunity of her being pregnant with doubles.

Hailey’s activities that follow her throwing up episode are equally suspicious. Considering that a single drink would not have made any difference, Hailey must have avoided the drink for a significant reason as well as it can be due to the fact that she is pregnant.

In addition, Hailey behaves awkwardly around Andre Watkins, her sexual partner and possibly her “official” partner. In the second period ending, Hailey may make it clear whether she is pregnant.

Hailey has never ever relocated on from the loss of her daughter, also after coming to Chucalissa for a fresh beginning in her life. Such a woman might desire to come to be a mommy once more and also if she is pregnant, Hailey might seriously take into consideration maintaining the child.

Considering that Andre’s better half Britney Watkins goes back to his life in the nine episode of the 2nd period, it is not exactly sure whether he will be there for Hailey if she is pregnant with his baby/babies. Hailey may lose the papa of her baby/babies if she is actually pregnant if Britney is not meeting her husband to talk about separation.

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