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Is Heartbreak High a True Story, Is the Netflix Show Based on Real Life

Developed by Hannah Carroll Chapman, Ben Gannon, and Michael Jenkins, ‘Heartbreak High’ is a Netflix teen-drama collection. The story revolves around the trainees of Hartley high. After a mural insinuating secret hook-ups among numerous trainees is uncovered, the college chooses to set up an obligatory sex-ed class.

‘ Heartbreak High’ explores motifs such as sex identification, sexual preference, class exploitation, drug, and also consent as well as alcoholic abuse. If that has actually made you ask yourself whether ‘Heartbreak High’ is inspired by real events, we obtained you covered.

Is Heartbreak High a True Story?

No, ‘Heartbreak High’ isn’t based upon a true story. It is actually the reboot of an Australian television series of the very same name, which aired on Network Ten between 1994 and also 1996 and also on ABC TV in between 1997 and 1999. Produced by Michael Jenkins and also Ben Gannon, the 1990s show itself is the spinoff of the 1993 movie, ‘The Heartbreak Kid,’ which stemmed from a 1987 namesake phase play. Both the original series as well as the reboot are embeded in Sydney, Australia.

The original ‘Heartbreak High is a renowned collection that inspired a generation. Chapman, who has actually been a follower of the 1990s show considering that she was a teen, wanted to provide Generation Z their own ‘Heartbreak High.’ “When we initially began this procedure [developing the show], I was like ‘We’re gon na have 50 million tradition cast [return for] every episode!’ and it was truly something that Fremantle as well as Netflix [pressed versus],” Chapman informed The Guardian in a September 2022 meeting. “When we were teenagers we obtained our own ‘Heartbreak High,’ and also what we’re doing right here is giving this generation their very own show.”

Unlike lots of various other reboots, ‘Heartbreak High’ doesn’t present brand-new versions of the characters from the original series. It has a completely different cast of personalities, representing the youths of 2022. Nonetheless, a popular slang from the initial collection has actually discovered its way to the reboot,” Rack off!”” [Heartbreak High] was groundbreaking for its time, so the group sat down and also believed ‘What are the things that require to be gone over now?'” Executive producer Carly Heaton informed the same electrical outlet. “It [class exploitation] becomes part of its significance, that lower-to-middle socio financial group; that’s where a lot of us matured. We desire desire, however similarly Heartbreak did it; they’re great, as well as you still intend to be them, but there are people having a hard time, solitary moms and dad families, individuals doing change work. Often TV has depicted that in terms of the battle, as well as it can be extremely dark, however there’s love as well as hope in this. Even if you do not have a lot of money doesn’t imply you don’t have a good life.”

Heaton also stated, “I do not think back then we were having the exact same conversations around queerness as well as neurodiversity we’re having at the moment.” To supply a depictive experience to the audience, the series developers diversified the authors’ room. While developing the character of Quinni, a student on the Autistic spectrum, the developers not just had an autistic depiction in the authors’ room but additionally talked to Chloe Hayden, the star who depicts Quinni, and also Kathleen Lee, an autistic specialist.

Despite all the adjustments, Netflix’s ‘Heartbreak High’ is A quintessentially Australian show. Nonetheless, it is not based upon a true story, though it’s completely easy to understand if somebody believes it is.

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