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Is High Heat a True Story, Is the Netflix Show Based on Real Life?

Developed by José Ignacio Valenzuela, ‘High Heat’ (additionally recognized as ‘Donde Hubo Fuego’) is a Netflix Spanish-language Mexican telenovela thriller series. The tale rotates around Poncho (Iván Amozurrutia), a young fireman attempting to figure out that killed his brother among other members of his unit at a station in a Mexico City neighborhood.

As a show, ‘High Heat’ deals with the day-to-day lives of the firefighters. It likewise unfolds like a true crime mystery thriller. If that has made you wonder whether it is motivated by real occasions, we got you covered.

Is High Heat a True Story?

No, ‘High Heat’ isn’t based on a true story. Valenzuela, a distinguished Chilean writer and also screenwriter, shares the writing credit scores for the program with Jean Pierre Fica and also Valentina Pollarolo. Nevertheless, the collection has some facets of fact sprayed right into it. Valenzuela started servicing the task after discovering fire stations as long as possible. He was also inspired by the phrase: “La pasión no es más que un incendio del corazón” (or, “interest is nothing but a fire in the heart”). “Firefighters don’t invest throughout the day putting out fires, in the barracks they always walk half-naked and also are in the shower or working out. In this collection, not just automobiles, structures, or houses are melted, bodies are shed, skins are shed, and also for that you need to have characters who surrender to enthusiasms,” the designer of ‘Who Killed Sara?’ stated in a meeting with Produ.

Valenzuela told the very same electrical outlet that he didn’t use male nakedness solely to draw the female audience members to his program. “if it occurs, it is a consequence,” he specified. “I desired male firemans to be in a circumstance in which, usually, guys We are not males, which is more revealed at the skin degree.”

With ‘High Heat,’ Valenzuela not just tests stereotypes regarding firemens, the LGBT area, and also maleness, he shatters them. “That is why we have a female that carries out a stereotypically manly work, which is that of a firefighter, a character from the LGBT community who entirely departs from that stereotype, and also a lot of manly skin, that relocates far from what we see of the masculine stereotype,” he explained.

‘High Heat’ makes up 39 episodes with 30-46-runtime each. It is apparently the initial series in a longer format that Netflix has actually made in Mexico. As a designer of telenovelas himself, Valenzuela is cognizant of the unfavorable connotation that is virtually immediately attached to them. “Seeing the respect with which telenovelas were operated in Mexico made me recognize that the prejudice that many people have in the direction of them is, rather, due to false information or simply due to the fact that they have actually not taken a seat to enjoy them,” he informed Quién.

The author of the ‘Trilogía del Malamor’ series proceeded, “Of course there are a lot of very bad soap operas, equally as there are a great deal of extremely negative books or films or plays. There are soap operas that have actually changed the lives of lots of individuals or have gone down in history for their quality. There are soap operas that altered the television standards of the times in which they were made.” Plainly, ‘High Heat’ isn’t based on a real story, yet it’s perfectly understandable if someone believes it is.

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