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Is High Water a True Story, Is the Netflix Show Based on Real Events?

Directed by Jan Holoubek and also Bartłomiej Ignaciuk, Netflix’s ‘High Water’ (originally titled ‘Wielka woda’) is a dramatization series embeded in 1997, Poland. Hydrologist Jaśmina Tremer arrives in Wrocław, a city atop the Oder River, to examine the disconcerting rise in water levels which suggests a possible flooding. She functions along with the city government to examine the scenario and quickly warns everyone that the inbound damage might be extra dangerous than anticipated. Nonetheless, the homeowners don’t take Jaśmina’s warnings as well seriously, causing widespread destruction when the flooding strikes.

Soon, the federal government is forced to make crucial choices that would identify the destiny of hundreds of people. The practical setup of the 90s and also the detailed portrayal of the all-natural calamity forces one to ponder whether ‘High Water’ depicts real events.

Is High Water a True Story?

Yes, ‘High Water’ is based on a true story. It chronicles the heartbreaking 1997 Central European flood, AKA the 1997 Oder Flood, that influenced Poland, Germany, as well as the Czech Republic in July 1997. After Southwestern Poland as well as the northeastern Czech Republic experienced two stretches of high rainfall that month, the Oder and Mava river containers swamped extensively and ruined both nations, with extra problems in Germany.

The high levels of rainfall were triggered by stress produced by a Genoa Low, a cyclone developed from a pre-existing cyclone to the south of the Alps over the Gulf of Genoa, Ligurian Sea, Po Valley, as well as north Adriatic. The claimed cyclone had changed from north Italy and remained over southern Poland for a lengthy while, causing numerous months’ average rains taking place in barely a week or two. Flooding commenced in the Czech Republic on July 5, 1997, as well as spread to Poland the following day through fast flash floods.

In addition, numerous historic buildings in Kłodzko were badly damaged due to the flood. In the 2nd phase, the flooding waves moved via the Oder River, as well as several bordering towns obtained immersed in the water.

The flood impacted many various other cities like Opole, Rybnik, as well as Głogów prior to progressively decreasing as it reached the Polish-German boundary. The lowered water speed offered time for executing preventive measures to stay clear of additional damage. Regrettably, the floodings triggered considerable losses to the Czech Republic as well as Poland, with economic damage estimated at 3.8 billion euros.

The devastating occasion also declared 144 lives in the 3 countries, with 56 casualties in Wrocław itself. Concerning various other losses in Poland, around 7,000 individuals lost all of their ownerships, and also 680,000 homes were destroyed or damaged.

Given the size of the catastrophe’s results in Poland, July 18, 1997, was stated a National Day of Mourning by the president, and the flooding was called Millenial Flood. Returning to ‘High Water,’ the show delicately details the events leading up to the natural disaster in Wrocław and how individuals managed the difficulty. The lead character, Jaśmina Tremer, signifies and also is an imaginary personality all those researchers and government authorities who worked difficult to minimize the results of the Millenial Flood in the city.

In an October 2022 meeting, the show’s producer Anna Kepinska specified on the themes explored in the show. She said, “We wished to go back to that mood as well as emotions, however fundamentally to develop a global story about making difficult choices, a problem in between generations, individuals with the countryside, bulk, and city. About the fact that you have to face your unfinished business, you can not escape it.”

Overnight, normal daily life was replaced by the battle with the element, as well as relied on leaders arised from the group. The flooding is for us only the history of this story and also the stimulant of events,” continued Kepinska.

More than a dramatized replay of the case as well as its casualties, the Netflix dramatization focuses on nature’s rage and sends across an emotional message in today’s time of environmental situation. Therefore, though a number of imaginary aspects and personalities have actually been included throughout the story, the show is a mostly authentic account of the 1997 flooding and also its after-effects.

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