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Is Jericho a Real Town? Is Nevermore Based on a Real School?

Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ tells the tale of the daughter of the Addams family, the eponymous Wednesday. At the beginning of the collection, she penalizes her bro’s bullies and is sent out to Nevermore Academy, situated in the town of Jericho. Nevermore differs any type of school Wednesday has actually been, as it has actually been specially developed to inform outcasts like her. In this performance of the ‘Addams Family,’ some individuals have special capacities. They are called outcasts, while the normal people are called normies.

Both the Nevermore Academy and the town of Jericho play crucial functions in the story of the series. If you are questioning whether they are based upon a real school as well as town, here is what we understand.

Is Jericho a Real Town?

Jericho is a Biblical name. So, naturally, there are numerous name Jericho in the real world, but none of them is the town illustrated in the show, making the Jericho of ‘Wednesday’ a fictional neighborhood. In the series, almost all of the narrative is established either in Jericho or at Nevermore, which is within strolling range of the town.

As there is no real Jericho, recording for the collection took area in numerous locations in Romania. In an interview with Gold Derby, collection co-creators Alfred Gough and also Miles Millar reflected on the difficulties they encountered throughout shooting, “When we were looking where we gon na shoot the program, you know, we looked all over,” Gough mentioned. And also Romania gave us whatever we needed in terms of the huge workshop space to develop these collections.”

Gough explained just how similar Romania looks to New England, noting that the fictional Jericho is meant to be located in the American area. “And Also, it actually kind of looks like New England,” Gough proceeded. “If you draw a line from kind of Northeast of America cross them half like latitude and longitude, you recognize Romania exists. It gave us that look. And as Miles said, there is something off concerning Romania. And also the reality that we were firing the Wednesday Addams reveal beside Transylvania in some way really felt perfect.”

Is Nevermore Based on a Real School?

No, Nevermore Academy isn’t based upon a real school. According to the collection tradition, established in 1791 by Nathaniel Faulkner, Nevermore is a safe haven for young derelicts, an area where they can obtain an appropriate education and learning without constantly attempting to hide who they actually are. Previous alums of the school consist of Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams, Ignatius Itt, and also Edgar Allen Poe.

In the real world, the name “Nevermore” originates from one of Poe’s most popular poems, ‘The Raven.’ The imaginary school shares its name with an American heavy metal band from Seattle, Washington.

In the days leading up to the release of the program, Netflix launched a site for Nevermore as part of the promotional project. “Founded in 1791, Nevermore Academy is a scholastic institution that supports derelicts, fanatics as well as beasts,” the objective declaration for Nevermore reads. “Our goal is to aid each trainee master their extraordinary abilities with world-class academics and also unique extracurriculars.”

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