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Is Johanna Constantine Gay or Bisexual on The Sandman

Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ is a dream collection that adheres to the ventures of an otherworldly being called Dream. The search for one of those products leads him to a woman, named Johanna Constantine, whose skills have led her to come to be an imperial exorcist.

With the scale of the story that ‘The Sandman’ informs, there are a great deal of characters with one-of-a-kind characters. Aside from serving a variety of personalities to the target market, the show also exhibits various shades of the colors of a rainbow, making itself a very inclusive story. Johanna Constantine is one of the main personalities in the show, as well as if you’re asking yourself where she falls on the sexuality range, after that here’s what should understand. SPOILERS AHEAD

Is Johanna Constantine Gay or Bisexual?

Johanna Constantine, played by Jenna Coleman, is bisexual in ‘The Sandman’. Versus her dreams to see the ex-spouse with whom she really did not split the correct method, Johanna arrives at Rachel’s, wishing to connect points up. The checklist contains names like Sarah, Oliver, and Kit, which shows that Johanna is bisexual.

Johanna Constantine is his forefather, who centuries back had actually interrupted a conference in between Dream and also Hob Gadling. While bringing the personalities to the Netlflix series, it was discovered best to have one individual play the role of both Constantines, which is what led John to come to be Johanna.

This improvement was just a superficial adjustment as Coleman’s Constantine stays instead loyal to the version that shows up in the comics. The program’s Constantine likewise remains devoted to comics Constantine in terms of sexuality, as he is likewise depicted as a bisexual personality. His sexuality was first established in the comics published in the very early nineties where it is implied that his ex lovers are both females and also men, just like we see in the show. Over the years, even more fans of varied sexualities had their names wrote in the listing of Constantine’s ex-spouses.

While the comic books were really open regarding his bisexuality, the screen adaptations of the character seldom saw that side of him. It wasn’t till DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ that this side of his character was effectively recognized. As frequently occurs, the bisexuality of characters is often straight-washed or is favored to be kept to the homosexual end of the range (an issue that Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ takes on in the arc of Queen Maeve). Netflix, nevertheless, has actually never ever shied away from incorporation and the exact same thing goes for the personalities in ‘The Sandman’.

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