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Is Jorunn Lakke Based in a Real Norwegian Cop, Where is Jorunn Lakke Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Lørenskog Disappearance’ is a true-crime dramatization that uses the technique of changing point of views to follow the unraveling of a challenging investigation. It begins with the disappearance of a lady called Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. Eventually, her other half, Tom Hagen, calls the police telling them about his missing out on partner and also a ransom note from the abductors. The cops are required to perform the investigation in secret, in the concern that the kidnappers may harm Anne-Elisabeth if they found out that the authorities were involved. This makes an already tight spot much more challenging.

Cops police officer Jorunn Lakke pioneers the investigation and also discovers herself in a placement that requires her to make some extremely hard choices. Any wrong step on her component can damage the entire examination.

Is Jorunn Lakke Based on a Real Cop?

The creators of ‘The Lørenskog Disappearance’ have made wonderful initiatives to represent the information of the criminal activity and also its investigation as properly as feasible. She is not a real-life individual, though it seems like the show is loosely inspired by the real authorities policeman that worked on the situation, Ida Melbo Øystese.

The Police Chief of the Eastern Police District, Øystese has belonged of the group that has actually been handling the Hagen situation because the beginning. The examination is headed by Tommy Brøske, whose name also looks like is in the program. At the start of the investigation, the polices decided to be secretive regarding it. Later, nonetheless, they located that this made their job much more hard and also may also have hampered the course of the examination. “We can’t rule that out. It’s been just one of the issues that was hard to review. Our leads can have gone cold, scrubby, or vanished,” said Brøske, while explaining that “this is an incredibly special and also demanding situation” and also difficult choices required to be made.

Since Anne-Elisabeth’s disappearance in October 2018, a great deal of time has actually passed as well as it could make some people believe that the polices have surrendered on the investigation. They would certainly be wrong. Some management modifications have actually been made in the group that is now on the situation, nevertheless, Øystese states that finding Anne-Elisabeth is still a high top priority. “We would never have actually made the choices we are making now if we assumed it could deteriorate the chance of an explanation,” she stated. Due to the fact that a situation such as this calls for the expense of a great deal of resources, the police have actually ended up being more mindful regarding their allocation, though not endangering the performance of their job.

Øystese believes that the instance can still be fixed. “I am positive that at one factor or one more we will clean up the matter. We are going to figure out what took place to Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. And also somebody understands, it may be that the answers remain in the product we already have, however the timing of when this could take place is tough to state anything around. We are prepared to stand in this instance for a long time. We really hope that the challenge item we are missing will unexpectedly exist,” she claimed. She is also knowledgeable about the reality that all this moment not knowing what has occurred to Anne-Elisabeth weighs heavy on her family. “I can just envision the contours of the pain for them not knowing what has actually occurred to their loved ones,” Øystese claimed, adding that the police officers will continue to do whatever they can to bring justice to Anne-Elisabeth.

In contrast to Øystese, Jorunn Lakke becomes a lot more and also much more cynical concerning the examination by the end. This departure from the real-life authorities principal’s character reveals that Jorunn Lakke is very loosely, if at all, based on Ida Melbo Øystese.

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