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Is Let’s Get Physical Based on a True Story? Where Was It Filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

Directed by Robin Hays, Lifetime’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’ is a dramatization film that complies with a health and fitness instructor called Sadie Smith. Throughout the daytime, Sadie advises the mommies in the town concerning physical conditioning. In the nighttime, Sadie runs a hooking ring that caters to some of the most influential individuals in the location. An anonymous suggestion regarding her company lands Sadie in lawful difficulty. This leads the locals of the small 2 to question the identification of Sadie’s clients.

The personalities in the movie are represented magnificently by the skilled cast. The largest topic continues to be the beginnings of the movie’s story.

Is Let’s Get Physical a True Story?

Yes, ‘Let’s Get Physical’ is based on a true story. Part of Lifetime’s ‘Ripped From the Headlines’ series, the motion picture was written by Margaux Froley and also Kelly Fullerton, with Robin Hays helming the manufacturing. The idea for the motion picture evidently concerned executive manufacturer Kelly Ripa years back when she attended on ‘Late Night with David Letterman.’ The monologue delivered on that particular day pointed out the story, which motivated Ripa to try as well as bring it onto the screen.

The precise item of information which motivated the filmmakers to develop the film has actually not been officially specified, it is widely thought that the case of Alexis Wright may have been the basis for the film’s story. In the year 2010, Alexis opened up a Zumba dance workshop called Pura Vida in Kennebunk, Maine.

With her dancing workshop as the major business, Alexis was apparently running an illegal prostitution ring through her 2 company locations. This brought in a great deal of consumers to Alexis’ doorsteps, and the businesswoman herself was far from very discreet. Presumably, Alexis composed blogs concerning her dual life on the internet. She shared just how she gave many men within her Maine community with sex, and also the females were none the smarter.

Both Pura Vida and Sensual Body Work by Lydia started increasing eyebrows, provided the continuous stream of guys that the business relatively generated. Numerous claimed that the male clients would certainly go into and leave in a prompt manner. The owner of the space that was being made use of by Sensual Body Work by Lydia was a guy named Christopher West, that obtained a grievance from another lessee concerning the constant arrival and also separation of men as well as the noises of groaning and also groaning.

He discovered several x-rated video clips that were fired in the workplace area that he had when West chose to examine on his very own and looked up Alexis on the net. West promptly went to the cops and submitted an issue, which prompted the law enforcement officers to browse the two workplaces, your home, and also the cars and truck Alexis was making use of. What they discovered was a hill of organized evidence outlining the variety of clients she had offered via her prostitution ring and the acts she carried out as a part of the exact same.

The supposed company began in October 2010, and till she was busted in February 2012, Alexis had garnered near $150,000. She was not alone in the operation of the hooking ring and an insurance policy salesperson, cum exclusive investigator, named Mark Strong Sr, had actually aided Alexis with numerous details of her organization.

In March 2013, Alexis was charged with 20 matters of prostitution, tax obligation evasion, and welfare scams, to which she pled guilty. Strong was also founded guilty on 13 counts relating to the promo of hooking and also was punished to 20 days in jail.

While several details from the case of Alexis Wright match up with the Lifetime flick, some details in the movie are certainly different. The personality of Sadie Smith has a hairdresser pal that is seemingly well conscious of Sadie’s side hustle.

Let’s Get Physical Filming Locations

‘ Let’s Get Physical’ was filmed primarily in and around Vancouver, British Columbia The show’s principal photography for the movie happened in July 2022. Let’s take a better take a look at the details of the shooting area.

Vancouver, British Columbia.

Actress Jenna Dewan, that essays the personality of Sadie Smith, was fairly satisfied with the film’s storyline and also agreed to be one of the executive manufacturers. Her biggest obstacle throughout the recording of the movie was learning to post dance in spite of her background as a professional dancer.

The framework of Vancouver is a boon for those looking forward to lensing their jobs in the location. In addition to its refined sky line, the variety of places around the city allows filmmakers to utilize Vancouver as a background for different cities and also towns across the globe. Throughout the years, Vancouver has hosted the production of several Lifetime flicks, consisting of ‘Girl in Room 13’ as well as ‘Big Lies in a Small Town.’

Let’s Get Physical Cast

The gorgeous Jenna Dewan plays the role of Sadie Smith in ‘Let’s Get Physical.’ You might acknowledge her from her operate in ‘The Rookie’ and also ‘Superman & Lois.’ Jennifer Irwin is additionally a part of the cast as April Macintosh and also is precious for her efficiency in ‘The Goldbergs’ as well as ‘Superstore.’ Actor Michael Consuelos essays the personality of Petey in the Lifetime movie. His other credit histories include ‘Riverdale’ and also ‘Go, Diego! Go!’

Various other appearances include Bradley Stryker as Marty Macintosh, Barbara Wallace as Nana, Seth Isaac Johnson as Ben Martin, and also Jilena Cori as Lynn Rogers. Pete Graham (Gerald Quinn), Malaika Jackson (Officer Daphne Bartlett), Eliza Norbury (Marcia Macintosh), and Mark Kandborg (Chief Wilcott) also star in the movie. You might also identify Mar Andersons (Mayor Kemp) as well as Dan Quinn (Jim Rogers).

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