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Is Lifetime The Dog Days of Christmas Based a True Story?

Helmed by Tori Garrett, Lifetime’s ‘The Dog Days of Christmas’ is a romantic comedy film, a part of Lifetime’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Lifetime’ lineup. The narrative revolves around Annie Blake who sees her home town in Vermont to invest some high quality time with her household as well as commemorate Christmas with each other. She volunteers and starts finding homes for the fuzzy animals when she comes throughout three stray dogs in requirement of foster care.

Upon finding that a local pet shelter was shutting for excellent, the two work on saving it and also keeping the roof above the animals’ heads. The blooming love in between two old pals, as well as the involvement of dogs and the animal sanctuary makes the narrative seem rather true to life.

Is The Dog Days of Christmas a True Story?

No, ‘The Dog Days of Christmas’ is not based upon a true story. Rather, the narrative is penciled by the screenwriter Holly Hester, that has formerly created the script or movie script for ‘The Royal Treatment,’ ‘Last Man Standing,’ ‘The Drew Carey Show,’ and ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.’ Thanks to her innovative mind, great writing expertise, and a significant amount of experience, Holly was able to summon a wholesome and also feel-good story for the Lifetime motion picture.

Since the Christmas film is composed of numerous practical aspects and topics, consisting of the Christmas season, promoting dogs, animal shelters, and the platonic relationship turning right into something more, it is natural for you to ask yourself if the story has anything to do with fact. The movie might even appear familiar to you due to the fact that these themes have actually been discovered in several other films as well as Television programs over the years.

Although Jack Whitley in ’12 Dog Days Till Christmas’ is appointed to locate a home for 12 adorable dogs in contrast to Annie in ‘The Dog Days of Christmas,’ who volunteers to do so, the fact that both service the same goal during Christmastime connects both movies with each other. In addition, the theme of helping out a pet shelter prevails in both movies. The growing romance in between Jack and Ryan in the 2014 motion picture is evocative the bond between Annie and Dylan in the Lifetime movie.

In reality, there are animal fans who do their best to do volunteer work for collapsing animal shelters and also discover a secure and also safe house for as many pets as they can. So, despite all the relatively true-to-life themes in the narrative, the reality that ‘The Dog Days of Christmas’ is a job of fiction still holds true.

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