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Is Lifetime The Gabby Petito Story Based in a True Story?

Directed by Thora Birch, Lifetime’s police procedural film ‘The Gabby Petito Story’ revolves around Gabby Petito, who sets out for a cross-country trip in a van with her fiancé Brian Laundrie. What starts as a wonderful journey of two people in love becomes a horrible experience for Gabby, who starts to find Laundrie’s habits troublesome. Starring ‘The Gifted’ fame Skyler Samuels as Gabby and Evan Hall as Laundrie, the 2022 film proceeds via the problems that emerge between the couple, which revises Gabby and Laundrie’s fates. The practical exploration of Gabby’s life, which reminds us of several true-crime movies and television programs, must have made the visitors excited to know about the origin of the movie. Well, below’s every little thing you need to know about the very same!

Is The Gabby Petito Story a True Story?

Yes, ‘The Gabby Petito Story’ is based on a true story. The movie complies with the disappearance as well as murder of Gabby Petito, who was reported missing on September 2021. Gabby was born as well as increased in Blue Point, New York. According to records, Gabby began dating Brian Laundrie in March 2019 and also the couple obtained participated in 2020. After completing a cross-country journey between New York and California in 2020, the couple began one more trip in July 2021. On August 12, 2021, a 9-1-1 call reported a battle between Laundrie as well as Gabby. They were divided for the evening by authorities authorities.

On August 25, 2021, Gabby published her final article on her Instagram account, as well as on the exact same day, her and also Laundrie’s van was identified in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Around a week later, Laundrie returned house alone, without his future wife. Gabby’s mom reported her missing around ten days later as well as Laundrie, that supposedly rejected to accept the investigation, ended up being a person of passion in Gabby’s disappearance. A week later on Gabby was reported missing, look for Laundrie, who likewise went missing, began in Carlton Reserve. On September 19, 2021, human remains were uncovered near Grand Teton National Park.

The remains were ultimately confirmed to be Gabby’s and also the postmortem examination exposed that the reason of fatality was murder by “blunt-force injuries to the head as well as neck, with hand-operated strangulation,” as per the FBI’s report. On January 21, 2022, the truth concerning Gabby’s murder was ultimately deciphered. The FBI’s report mentioned that Laundrie claimed duty for Gabby’s death in written statements found in a notebook belonging to him.

Thora Birch’s film tries to map the trajectory of Gabby’s murder, exploring what actually caused the criminal offense as opposed to just illustrating the very same. “It’s essential to note that this story is not about what happened. It’s about how it occurred. This story truly intends to take a look at Gabby as well as Brian’s partnership to the point that they reached. Like, ‘How did they end up alone in the woods that heartbreaking night? Exactly how did all of that happen?'” Skyler Samuels described to ET Online. “Because that’s the component that wasn’t spoken about in all this media insurance coverage of their disappearances and also their fatalities, which’s truly what we’re concentrated on,” the actress added.

For Thora Birch, her film is a “sign of things to come” for people who have been confronting similar experiences as Gabby’s, which brought about her death. The supervisor also really hopes that the film can be a “wake-up call” to such people. Regarding Birch is worried, “there are numerous, several, lots of Gabby Petitos available,” according to the same ET Online meeting, that makes her film relevant according to her. Gabby’s family had actually made it clear that they have nothing to do with the Lifetime motion picture.

“We thought our fans should know that the Lifetime motion picture on Gabby Petito has no link to the Petito household neither did they provide their authorization. Lifetime took it upon themselves to make the film,” Gabby’s family cooperated a statement launched through The AWARE Foundation. The declaration was launched following public outrage versus the film as several social networks individuals have accused Lifetime of “making money off” Gabby’s murder.

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