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Is Lili Reinhart Natalie Pregnant on Look Both Ways

Netflix’s ‘Look Both Ways’ is the story of a girl named Natalie, whose life takes two different turns based on the outcome of a pregnancy test. The film takes Natalie along two different paths, showing the audience what twists and turns await her in both timelines. Soon enough, it also becomes clear that the general direction of Natalie’s life remains the same, though the people around her might be a little different in both cases.

Is Natalie Pregnant?

The central event of ‘Look Both Ways’ is the one where Natalie learns whether she is expectant. Everything that occurs after hinges on this occasion that transforms the program of Natalie’s life. At the start of the film, we do not obtain a concrete answer because we see her life go both methods. We see the timeline where she is expectant, has the infant, and falls for Gabe. In another timeline, where she is not pregnant, she mosts likely to LA, satisfies Jake, as well as her life as well as profession adhere to a various trajectory.

At the end of the film, we see both her variations return to the location where they ‘d held the maternity tests in their hands, wishing for a far better end result. Here, we see the initial version once again, wondering what takes place following. The question surrounding her pregnancy becomes all the more imminent because only one of those timelines can happen for Natalie. Then, that’s not the point of the story.

Is said in done in both timelines, we discover that Natalie does get all that she ‘d wanted, though in a different manner than she ‘d previously imagined. In the timeline where she gets pregnant, she hadn’t thought of having a youngster at the age of 22. Five years later, she has a burgeoning, if not established, career in animation. She gets on the path that she wished to get on five years earlier. She additionally locates love with Gabe and they have a kid together. Having a family members by now was not in the plan, however that doesn’t mean that her life is any kind of less than she ‘d wanted.

In the other timeline, things don’t go as smoothly as Natalie had imagined. She is terminated from her job, she is called unoriginal by her idolizer, and she breaks up with the man that she had actually been intending a future with. Also after spending all this time around in LA, she needs to return home to clear her head. Even after adhering to the plan that she would certainly made for herself, she feels like she has actually accomplished nothing. She seems like going back to square one, and that’s when her life changes. Her film makes it to SXSW as well as Jake comes back into her life.

With both timelines, the film sends the message that, expectant or not, Natalie is mosting likely to be alright. She could seem like she is off track or that she has not done anything of value, yet life will certainly take its training course as well as she’ll find a way to live her desire. She could be pregnant, or not. Life might go in either case for her, just as it can go regardless for the visitor. Through Natalie’s story, the movie offers the customer a possibility to reflect upon their own life and reassess all the plans they thought they should’ve stuck to, and believe that no matter what you think, life is still on track and you’ll be where you’re supposed to be in your own time.

While Natalie’s pregnancy remains in the bracket of just another possibility, if you are wondering whether actress Lili Reinhart was pregnant during the film, the answer is no. In an interview with Today, she said that it was more exciting for her to play the timeline where Natalie is pregnant and becomes a mom because she hasn’t experienced motherhood and it was something new for her to explore through the character.

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