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Is Look Both Ways Based in a Book

Directed by Wanuri Kahiu, Netflix’s ‘Look Both Ways’ follows the story of a woman called Natalie. When she takes a pregnancy test on the night of her college graduation, she comes to a crossroads. This is where her life takes two various courses. In one, the test ends up favorable and she decides to have the child and put her occupation on the back burner. In the other timeline, the examination is negative as well as she happily goes to LA to seek her desires. While the movie is absolutely imaginary, it has the workings of a tale that appears eliminated from a larger story. Thinking about that a great deal of Netflix movies are book adjustments, you need to be wondering if ‘Look Both Ways’ is based upon a book as well. Right here’s what you need to know concerning it if so.

Is Look Both Ways a Book Adaptation?

No, ‘Look Both Ways’ is not based upon a book. It is an initial movie script written by April Prosser. The tale concentrates on the trip of Natalie, and also even though her tale takes 2 various directions, we discover that points prosper for her, no matter what course her life takes. For actress Lili Reinhart, who plays the protagonist while additionally acting as the manufacturer of the movie, it was this feel-good facet of the tale that recorded her attention. “I check out the manuscript over two-and-a-half years back and also I honestly simply assumed it was so heartwarming as well as I really liked how in both lives for this girl there was no right or incorrect course, there was no negative life, so I simply thought ‘This lady ends up being okay in both lives’, and that was really guaranteeing to me,” she stated on Today.

For director Wanuri Kahiu, for whom this is the first venture in Hollywood as a director, the tale was relatable considering that she underwent a similar point with her very own maternity, which is the factor where her life altered. “I felt it [the film] was partially my life, in the feeling that I keep in mind the specific moment I recognized I was expectant as well as how I essentially saw my life take an identical route. I count on identical lives and also multiple presences, and it actually interested me,” she told Variety.

In the film, the protagonist’s life takes two various paths and also in both of them, she has her fair share of heartbreaks and struggles, though they look fairly different from each various other. By bringing this tale to the audience, the filmmakers wished to send out the message of living one’s life with no regrets, regardless of what choices one makes. It also holds a special significance in today’s America because the critical event of the story is set around the pregnancy of the lead character.

While the script had been around for a couple of years, ‘Look Both Ways’ was released after the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Even though this film is not necessarily about choice, I love that it tells any young woman that regardless of which way your life goes, if you truly follow your heart, you’ll be good.

Considering all this, we can claim that while the film is not based on a true story or a book, it takes a very reasonable approach to Natalie’s selections, and also uses a life-affirming and very heartwarming message to the audiences.

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