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Is Luckiest Girl Alive Brentley a Real School? Is the Brentley School Mass Shooting Real?

Netflix’s thriller film ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ focuses on the life of Ani Fanelli, the senior editor of a New York-based women’s magazine named The Women’s Bible. As Ani plans for her wedding celebration with her fiancé Luke Harrison, documentary filmmaker Aaron Wickersham satisfies her concerning the mass killings that occurred at her former school called Brentley School. Aaron’s perseverance to encourage Ani to be a part of a documentary that focuses on the school shooting leads her to recollect her days at Brentley and also the terrifying school catastrophe. Interested by the same, we have discovered whether Brentley has a real-life equivalent and whether the school shooting that took place at the location is real. Allow us share our searchings for!

Is Brentley a Real School?

The prominent Brentley School in ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ is the film equivalent of The Bradley School in Jessica Knoll’s eponymous book, the resource product of the movie. The school heavily resembles The Shipley School, an independent school located in Bryn Mawr where author Jessica Knoll completed her school education.

The battles and also challenges Ani faced as a trainee of Brentley School in the movie are the same to Knoll’s when she was a high school pupil. Simply like “garbage slut” showed up in Ani’s school locker, the very same appeared in Knoll’s storage locker after the traumatic incident.

Thinking about these similarities, Brentley is relatively the movie version of The Shipley School, located at Yarrow Street in Bryn Mawr. The school, founded in 1888 as a preparatory school for Bryn Mawr College by siblings Hannah, Elizabeth, and Katharine Shipley, still operates. Remarkable graduates of the school include celebrated vocalist Marshmello, actor and musician Gavin Becker, star David Corenswet, etc.

Is the Brentley School Shooting Real?

Even though Brentley is relatively based on The Shipley School, the school shooting that took place at the previous institution in the movie is an imaginary information. Such a school shooting neither took place in The Shipley School nor Knoll needed to witness the same as a trainee. Still, the writer has actually conceived the exact same with origins in reality to address the horrendous school capturings that happened actually. As per the FBI, 75% of school shooting criminals dedicate the criminal activity upon sensation bullied/persecuted/threatened by others and also 61% of the preparators are motivated by a need for revenge in truth.

Knoll’s publication and also movie script deal with the same via Arthur as well as Ben, both friends behind the Brentley school shooting. Ben set out to eliminate his fellow schoolmates upon obtaining bullied by Dean and his good friends. As somebody that had to endure Dean’s team’s authority over him, Ben took the weapon to acquire the exact same authority over them. Arthur, on the other hand, was encouraged by vengeance. He fired Dean for raping Ani and also bullying Ben.

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