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Is Man on Pause a True Story? Is the Netflix Show Based on Real Life?

Netflix’s ‘Man on Pause’ (initially entitled ‘Andropoz’) is a Turkish comedy-drama collection that adheres to Yusuf, a male in his 50s that begins undertaking andropause. This significant life stage drastically transforms his overview, so he decides to live every day easily. Nonetheless, Yusuf’s quest of happiness soon makes him overdo, and he begins making a mess of every little thing. While he struggles to cover his tracks, his better half and also children obtain fretted about his peculiar actions, bring about some hilarious effects.

Including an excellent cast consisting of Engin Günaydın, Tamer Karadağlı, Derya Karadaş, as well as Turgut Tunçalp, the show looks into a sensitive subject less explored popular media. Additionally, the reasonable story and also characters provide many in the target market something to connect to as well as make one wonder if the show births any type of link to the real world. Now, if you are riding the very same inquisitiveness boat, allow us to answer your questions!

Is Man on Pause a True Story?

No, ‘Man on Pause’ is not based on a true story. It elaborately discovers a situation a number of men go with after crossing the age of 50- andropause.

Apart from the physical problems, andropause can also adversely impact psychological wellness in the form of clinical depression, loss of self-confidence, anxiety, tension, and decreased focus span. According to a research study carried out on 521 topics from older age by the National Library of Medicine, 51.5% were undergoing andropause, with 3.7% experiencing extreme signs. Not just that, it was developed that clinical depression had the strongest association with andropause and also aging in men.

Returning to the show, it does not go also deep right into the technical aspects of andropause however focuses on the impact it can have on a regular male’s life. Yusuf leads an ordinary life with his other half as well as youngsters, yet in his 50s, he begins feeling disappointed with the absence of enjoyment in his life.

Yusuf’s grumpiness also drives him away from his partner and youngsters, as he begins acting contrary to his routine personality. This mirrors the rejection a lot of us really feel in life when confronted with brand-new situations, as it is difficult to welcome change and let go of old patterns. Adamant to tackle the problem head-on, Yusuf excessively tweaks his life as well as ends up captured in the mess he produces.

Dealing with such a severe theme, ‘Man on Pause’ smartly uses comic minutes to lighten the environment. Still, it handles to drive throughout the pertinent message of living life to the fullest and spreads out understanding on the central motif- andropause, without appearing too preachy. Hence, we can claim that while the show is an item of the author’s creativity as well as abilities, it stays practical in its treatment of the subject, making one laugh and also empathize with the protagonist at the same time.

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