Is Margrethe Dead and Alive at the End of Royalteen

Is Margrethe Dead and Alive at the End of Royalteen

Netflix’s romantic film ‘Royalteen’ revolves around Norwegian crown prince Karl Johan AKA Kalle and also Lena, who experience each other for the initial on the latter’s initial day at their school. Kalle and Lena slowly start to nurture feelings for each other, much to the displeasure of Margrethe, Kalle’s sis. The crown princess doesn’t want her bro to be with a middle-class girl and also tries her finest to separate the couple. The Norwegian movie finishes with the consequences of Margrethe’s activities to separate Kalle as well as Lena. Upon witnessing the outcome of her actions, Margrethe all of a sudden drops, shocking the visitors. So, does she die? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Margrethe Dead or Alive?

Even though Lena originally considers adhering to Margrethe’s words, she musters up the guts to disclose the reality about Theodor, which at some point leads the method for her get-together with Kalle after a short break. She thinks about the exact same as her failing as Lena prospers to win Kalle despite Margrethe’s initiatives to quit her.

‘The Heir,’ the first book of the ‘Royalteen’ unique collection by Anne Gunn Halvorsen as well as Randi Fuglehaug and also the resource text of the film, ends with Margrethe’s unexpected passing out. ‘Prince Charming,’ the 2nd publication of the novel collection, begins with Margrethe waking up in a health center. Thus, as per the novel collection that consists of the source text of the film, Margrethe survives the occurrence to life.

In the novel, Margrethe avoids explaining what truly happened to her. If Netflix greenlights a follow up to ‘Royalteen,’ likely to adapt ‘Prince Charming,’ we might see Margrethe trying to hide her mysterious condition. Since her mother is struggling with chronic ailment, she may not intend to add to the misery of her family by revealing the exact same. Given that Kalle selects Lena, despite her attempts to place an end to their togetherness, we may see her attempting to be away from her brother psychologically. With no allies and also friends, Margrethe may look for the visibility of an enchanting prince to treat her ailing heart as well as body.

The second book of the publication series focuses on Margrethe’s efforts to locate love in a prince. With love and recovery, she might even reconnect with Kalle as well as gives Lena a possibility to be the brand-new addition to her household.

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