Is Netflix Purple Hearts Based on a True Story?

Is Netflix Purple Hearts Based on a True Story?

Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts’ is a romance drama that follows the story of two individuals that originate from extremely different backgrounds. Cassie is a liberal, the child of a hard-working immigrant, a musician, and also an individual who likes to question things that don’t make good sense. Luke leans much more on the other side of the political spectrum, has lately gotten in the military after fighting with addiction, and also suches as to keep his feelings to himself.

In a various situation, they would certainly have kept a range from each other. If you’ve discovered usual ground with the personalities and ask yourself if they are based on actual individuals, then we’ve got you covered.

Is Purple Hearts A True Story?

No, ‘Purple Hearts’ is not based upon a true story. It is based upon the book of the exact same name by Tess Wakefield. It was first published in 2017 as well as was the first publication written by Wakefield for adults. While she didn’t base the story on a real event or an actual person, she instilled it with some actual struggles that her target market can connect to quite possibly. Luke has a past of substance misuse as well as dependency, while Cassie is trying to make it via her monetary struggles aside from keeping her diabetes in check. For this, Wakefield researched dependency as well as just how the medical care system functions. For Cassie’s musical background, she additionally read a lot concerning music concept, while for the little setup in between her and Luke, Wakefield dove into armed forces legislation to see if a point such as this could in fact work out.

In guide, Cassie is of Puerto Rican descent. To depict that side of her correctly, Wakefield talked with the Puerto Rican area to learn even more about their society and just how the family members dynamics might differ for them, particularly their partnership with their parents. We see this difference in Cassie’s relationship with her mother and also Luke’s with his father, who gets on the verge of ending up being separated. For Cassie’s diabetes, she spoke to those who have spent their lives with the health problem to obtain a sense of how difficult things can get and just how they take care of it.

Starlet Sofia Carson, that plays Cassie, was drawn to the story due to the diverse themes captured by it. This story is about choosing not to see color and selecting love, above all things, and also how a blue heart and a red heart can come together as well as pick love,” she clarified.

While blogging about some socially and politically appropriate points, Wakefield likewise added a personal touch to the story. She would certainly been experiencing a horrible separation when she began creating guide. The discomfort and the broken heart notified her writing and also allowed her to provide a similar hurting distance to Luke as well as Cassie’s story. To elevate it, she found it ideal to make them as different as feasible. She defined Cassie as “that buddy or coworker that’s always looking for the next difficulty”, while for Luke, she developed a softer side under his calm demeanor. “It was extremely recovery to be with Luke as he gave himself permission, to be truthful concerning his issues, and also to be at risk,” she claimed.

In in between all this, she located herself utilizing “one of the most random memories, or bits of understanding, or methods that [she had] soaked up for many years”. Even when she created a fictional romance, Wakefield did her best to keep it real, with characters that individuals might see themselves in and circumstances that everyone can associate to.

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