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Is Netflix The Empress Based on a True Story? Is The Empress Based on Real Events?

Netflix’s ‘The Empress’ is a German-language series that adheres to the story of the young Elisabeth whose life takes an unexpected turn when she weds the emperor of Austria, Franz Josef. While it begins as a romantic fairy tale where she and also Franz autumn in love at first view, reality hits Elisabeth when she becomes the empress and also is encountered with the difficulties that accompany her title.

Is The Empress Based on Real Events?

Yes, ‘The Empress’ is based on the true story of Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, that offered as the Empress of Austria from 1854 to 1898. Her relationship with her mother-in-law, Archduchess Sophie, likewise provided surge to a great deal of problems in Elisabeth’s life.

What set her besides other royals was exactly how promptly she gained the common people and also continued to be a popular figure her entire life. Much like the Princess of Wales, Elisabeth was seen in a various light by her topics, whom she looked after quite. She was additionally understood for her appeal and also was stated to have actually followed a stringent routine to keep her looks. She was known to invest 3 hrs often tending to her hair while having all kind of anti-aging mixtures at her disposal. It is also thought that she experienced an eating disorder and went to terrific sizes to preserve her 18-inch waist, well into her 50s. She would work out for hours as well as preserve a stringent diet plan to maintain herself in shape.

Aside from immense beauty, Elisabeth also had a mind of her very own. She refused to bow down to standards, commonly damaging methods, especially around common people, which put her up in arms with the royal family members. She was well-versed in literary works, loved to compose poetry, as well as was fluent in a number of languages, which she learned during the hours-long hair care sessions. She would travel away, usually to Hungary, to escape the court life, and is understood to have produced the double monarchy in 1897, leading to the formation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Being such an influential historical figure, the story of Elisabeth has been brought on the display a number of times in the past. For showrunner and also head writer Katharina Eyssen, making ‘The Empress’ was the possibility to retell Sisi’s story with even more emphasis on contemporary elements. I enjoy household tales.

Aside from the drama in the empress’ life, Eyssen was also concentrated on representing all the important things that made her such a beloved and eccentric character: a female that was, in numerous methods, ahead of her time and also was misinterpreted for it. “Elisabeth predicted the demise of the monarchy, the collapse of empires in Europe. She just could not voice it effectively. She ended up being a compulsive rider, consumed with her hair, her appearances, her body. All because, in my view, she brought the pain and the suffering of a collapsing empire as well as its people. Elisabeth in my story is an imaginative pressure of nature with a remarkable dark side,” she said.

The previous retellings of Elisabeth’s story have majorly concentrated on her love story with Franz Josef, however there is so much extra that was taking place around that time, and exec producer Jochen Laube wanted to concentrate on that. “We really did not lean on the heartbreaking as well as widely known love story, rather we actually anchored it in the political scenario of the time,” he claimed. They chose not to flex timelines or change events in history to serve the dramatization in ‘The Empress’.

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