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Is Nollywood Movie, Progressive Tailors’ Club A Good Watch? Find Out Here


From the critical scene, there are some movies that it is doubtless you’ll well well also repeat it is doubtless you’ll well well even be in for one hell of a candy slide. Smartly, a few of these movies stop up disappointing you, whereas some are exactly what you pictured. So the quiz is, where does Nollywood movie “Progressive Tailors’ Membership” stand. The disappointing movie or the HIT movie?

Progressive Tailors’ Membership is a Nollywood comedy that focuses on what occurs with Tailors, especially of their tailors’ affiliation. The crux of the movie was when the affiliation was about to steal its President, and then deep secrets and tactics of the candidates began to return out. What it is doubtless you’ll well well even be likely to appear forward to is; Who became President?

You’d be overjoyed from the movie’s first scene, and one has to provide it to the director because not many movies know how to captivate the viewers from the critical scene. The aesthetics first and critical would form you look forward to what a host of shapely photographs you are going to voice in the movie. In a observe, it was neutral true!

Factual to its title. Progressive Tailors’ Membership was a comedy, and the creator did well to bolt the message as refined as capacity. The humour didn’t override the drama, and the creator did well in passing the movie’s message across. That’s one more plus. Then, the truth that 90% of the movie was in a single scene elegant made it better. For accurate, it takes an figuring out creator to write a movie in majorly one environment and not bore the viewer.

Belief this; you aren’t likely to be bored searching at this movie. The creator and director moreover represented your total critical cultures in Nigeria, both costume and dialogue.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t so fine that once a few of these characters spoke their native dialects, it wasn’t subtitled. So, for those moments, an Igbo particular person can’t understand when a Yoruba personality is speaking in the movie and vice versa.

The appearing was end to supreme, and this might increasingly be stated for every personality in the movie, at the side of of us that didn’t have so many traces.

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There was equal energy amongst the actors, and it is procure to inform the casting director selected the ideal hands for the roles. It made the movie more admirable. One factor to issue here is Adedimeji Lateef, and really, he killed his position. Giving particular credit to the insensible iconic actress, Rachael Oniga. Her appearing in the movie is one more reminder that Nollywood misplaced a principal particular person.

The cinematography, costume and make-up moreover deserve some credit because they did a colossal job.

As a entire, Progressive Tailor’s membership was a first charge assemble out about, and for rankings, it is getting a 9/10

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