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Is Notre-Dame General Ducourt Based on a Real Person? Where is Jean-Claude Gallet Now?

While there is no refuting people were shocked when the Notre-Dame cathedral ignited on April 15, 2019, the succeeding international efforts, hopes, and also prayers did bring every person together. As meticulously chronicled in Netflix’s ‘Notre-Dame, la Part du Feu’ (‘ Notre-Dame, the Fire Part’), the steadfast means in which the entire Paris Fire Brigade tipped up was simply remarkable. They really did so under the command of General Zacharie Ducourt in this six-part drama– so if you want to learn whether it coincided in reality or otherwise also, we’ve obtained you covered.

Is General Ducourt a Real Person?

From the minute General Zacharie Ducourt initially comes across our display, he has this sheer presence that makes it evident he can take control of a room whenever and also however he intends to. This is despite the fact he’s presented to us in a melancholy fashion– grieving the fatality of his child (from a fire two months prior) and also established to surrender from the solution complying with 3 years. He also has the resignation letter in his pocket when he gets the call regarding Notre Dame, driving him to rush to the scene readily because leading the Brigade was his acquired behavior.

The General did have problem with his own demons as well as the risk-taking variable due to the fact that he did not wish to head out on a loss or a death, yet he at some point took care of to begin listening to his gut again. That’s when the Brigade des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris (BSPP), or the Paris Fire Brigade, was able to get a hold on the situation and snuffed out every flame inside the culturally significant structure. Plus, by the end, his development appeared as he not just melted his abdication letter to the Head Commissioner yet likewise expanded more approving of his late boy’s companion as well as their unborn child.

However, the fact is General Ducourt does not actually exist– he’s simply a solid, fictional specific developed from scratch to fit the complex story of this French-language manufacturing. That’s not to say every aspect concerning him appeared of thin air, however, due to the fact that the real Brigade General did play similar roles back in 2019, yet likely without the gloomy individual concerns. It was General Jean-Claude Gallet, and also he held the very same command over the offering firemens as General Ducourt carried out in the series– as additionally shown in Romain Gubert’s book ‘La Nuit de Notre-Dame.’

It’s necessary to note this book (English title: ‘The Night of Notre Dame’) in fact serves as the show’s ideas, specifically considering it consists of first-hand accounts of those straight included. The standard specialist features of General Gallet thus likely paved the way to the perception of General Ducourt, however their sagas are apparently so different they simply can not be contrasted. To put it simply, although the latter does take a bit of his essence from real, take on individuals who willingly risked their lives to save a historic icon, he’s imaginary in every kind that matters.

Where is Jean-Claude Gallet Now?

General Ducourt had just intended to do so, yet General Jean-Claude Gallet really selected to tip away from his article adhering to three years of active service on November 30, 2019. The then-55-year-old publicly stated he rejoiced he got the possibility to helm the fire department for over 2 years (September 2017), yet it was simply time for him to start a new phase of his life. Consequently, today, from what we can tell, the La Roche-sur-Yon indigenous remains to reside around Paris, France, along with his household, where he functions as a writer, a volunteer, and also a somebody.

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