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Is Ole Henrik Golf a Real Person, Where is Ole Henrik Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Lørenskog Disappearance’ adheres to the examination right into the kidnapping of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, the partner of Norwegian billionaire, Tom Hagen. The instance had been a tough one for the authorities because the beginning, especially with the pressure to maintain it a key in the very first couple of weeks. As essential information regarding the situation started to find out, the police officers understood that the kidnapping had actually been very tactical. The kidnappers even thought of getting the ransom money with untraceable cryptocurrency. The involvement of modern technology in the transfer of money permitted the police officers to follow this route, which led them to a passport with the name of Ole Henrik Golf on it. That is this person and where is he now? Allow’s find out.

Is Ole Henrik Golf a Real Person?

Yes, Ole Henrik Golf is a real person who obtained knotted in the Anne-Elisabeth loss as a result of his ticket. Adhering to the route of the kidnappers’ cryptocurrency account, the cops located that the ticket of a specific Ole Henrik Golf was used to create the account. After checking into Golf and also keeping an eye on him for a little while, the police officers brought him in and doubted him about the account, of which he knew nothing.

It was deduced that a copy of his key could have been stolen sometime in between 2013 to 2016 as well as was marketed via the darknet. It is not known the amount of times it traded hands, however it fell into the hands of the abductors that utilized it to develop the account to receive money from Tom Hagen. Once that was done, the passport was sold once again. In 2016, a copy of the key was acquired by an unnamed guy in Oslo, that is said to have actually been convicted of small medication offenses and for burglary of a baguette. The police tracked him down, yet to find out that he bought it from and backtrack that chain to the kidnappers is one more task in itself.

The police officers have actually been looking for info relating to anyone who might aid identify the previous buyers of the passport, and anything from an e-mail account to a bitcoin address may aid figure that out. “The job is difficult, comprehensive, as well as lengthy, partially since that sort of (online) communication is typically performed with high functional safety, consisting of making use of anonymization services, on anonymized networks, with settlement frequently accomplished with cryptocurrency,” stated the prosecutor Gjermund Hanssen. While Golf himself has actually been cleared of the investigation, the cops are actively pursuing this crypto-trail, in the hopes that it might end up being the key to learning who abducted Anne-Elisabeth Hagen and what happened to her.

Where is Ole Henrik Golf Now?

Ole Henrik Golf lives in Mandal, Norway, with his wife and also a child, and also has actually busied himself with numerous enterprises with which he aims to create “Norway’s community to remote work” as well as “provide individuals the freedom to function and live from any place they desire”. Golf is likewise the owner and also concept designer of Norway’s southernmost music celebration, Sydli AS.

Before working out in Mandal and coming up with all of his ventures, Golf had actually moved to Oslo after completing high college. In his totally free time, he suches as to climb as well as invest time with his family.

As for his name getting entangled in the Hagen case, Golf is eased that the issue is fixed. The connection of his key to the cryptocurrency account of the kidnappers led to some inconvenience for him, but he hopes that it turns out into something significant for the case and also drops light on the enigma of Anne-Elisabeth’s loss.

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