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Is Paragon a Real Cult? What Is the Hourglass Sign?

Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Club’ has eight primary personalities, only one amongst them offers as the target market surrogate, Ilonka. In the 1940s, it belonged to a cult named Paragon. If you are wondering whether Paragon is based on a real cult, we got you covered.

Is Paragon a Real Cult?

We initially discover about Paragon from Ilonka’s summary of Brightcliffe. Paragon took over the building after that.

In the show, Paragon was founded in 1931 by Regina Ballard, a female who shed her hubby to pneumonia and also her child to polio. She established Paragon as a new-age health and wellness ideology. Yet as time progressed, it came to be something considerably different. Regina was greatly influenced by the old Greek religion as well as began worshipping the five sis of healing: Panacea, Hygeia, Iaso, Aglaea, and also Aceso. In time, Regina began making use of the name of the last goddess as a pen name. There were also four other women in the team that met the functions of the other 4 sirens.

Under Regina’s management, Paragon dug deep into the Greek faith, going as far as carrying out ritual sacrifices. One evening, she escorted the other kids from the home and called the cops. The authorities located all the adult participants of the cult dead except Regina herself.

Paragon isn’t based on any kind of real-world cults, yet as the program suggests, there were many of them in the 1930s and also 1940s, including I AM Sect, Silver Legion, as well as the Psychiana Movement. Nonetheless, the Silver Legion was largely a fascist as well as Nazi-sympathizing procedure in America. Remarkably, the creators of I AM Sect were mining designer Guy W. Ballard as well as his better half, Edna.

What Is the Hourglass Sign?

For the participants of the Paragon, the hourglass sign stood for time. The Paragon version of the hourglass was dramatically various from the traditional iconography related to the device, which often represents fatality. The top of the paragon hourglass had actually been blacked out, showing the sand is dropping from the top fifty percent. They believed that the hourglass could be passed on time and again.

This seems to suggest that Regina and her followers assumed that they could turn back time and also be healed of any kind of disease. They marked the whole Brghtcliffe residential or commercial property as well as themselves with the Paragon hourglass. In among the final scenes of the period, we see an hourglass icon on Dr. Stanton’s neck, which suggests that she is none besides Athena.

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