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Is Paul Baumer Based on a Real German World War 1 Soldier?

Netflix’s war flick ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ follows the story of a German soldier named Paul Baumer. Set during the World War 1, 17-year-old Paul signs up with the military with his close friends, chasing the adventure and also splendor that comes with being a soldier. Soon, nonetheless, all of them are damaged by the fatality as well as damage of war, and they come to be entirely disillusioned with it.

Over the program of the movie, we see Paul turn from an innocent, bright-eyed young adult to a war-weary guy who understands that only killing the adversary can guarantee his survival. Was Paul Baumer a real German soldier in the First World War?

Is Paul Baumer Based on a Real German Soldier?

No, Paul Baumer is not based upon a real soldier. The character stems from Erich Maria Remarque’s book, which acts as the resource material for the Netflix movie. The author is stated to have actually based the tale on his own experience in the trenches while serving in the Imperial German Army throughout the events of World I. It is not confirmed whether Remarque based Baumer on himself, however he relatively did bring some elements from his own life into Paul’s story. A lot of notable of these is the disillusionment endured by the protagonist after combating on the cutting edge.

While the writer may not have actually based the whole personality on a real person, it is thought that he borrowed the name of a real German soldier. Paul Wilhelm Baumer AKA Iron Eagle was a German boxer pilot that served in the army during the First World War. The events in ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ take place in 1917, when Paul signs up with the army as well as arrives on the frontlines. By this time, the real-life Paul Baumer had actually currently been advertised to the ranking of Gefreiter. Supposedly, he had a remarkable record serving the nation.

The writer could have been his client, as well as Baumer’s life and job in the military might have inspired him to use his name as the lead character. It is likewise possible that the similarity between the names of the fighter pilot and the book’s protagonist is just a coincidence and that Paul Baumer is also typical a name in Germany.

It is based on the mind of the German youth that were motivated by the nationalist belief that had begun to take hold in the nation. While this is not some young people company that would certainly have been useful back then in Germany, it does remind the target market of the Hitler Youth, which consisted of young boys from the ages of 14 to 18 prepared for war.

Instead, the term is used as a compliment to urge young men as well as ignite the fire of defending their nation in them. It becomes a core element of the story as we see this patriotic sensation becoming a hopeless outlook on life. Through Paul’s story, Remarque wanted to bring forward the severe facts behind serving in a war and also living in the trenches while attempting to make it to the following day. The film hangs on to that feeling, and also from the viewpoint of Paul Baumer, provides a traumatic image of wars.

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