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Is Pico Dead, Did Zachariah Rogers Leave P-Valley

In Starz’s dramatization collection ‘P-Valley,’ rapper Lil Murda and his buddy Big Teak belong to a gang called the Hurt Village Hustlas. The gang has a tremendous background of having difficulties with various other gangs in the region also. In the 3rd episode of the 2nd season, Big Teak also participates in a little fight with Pico as well as his gang when the latter teases him as well as the rap artist. When Big Teak eliminates himself, Pico arises with an ill-mannered act that winds up intimidating his own life. Normally, the viewers must be wondering whether he is dead completely. Well, let us supply the response! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Pico Dead?

Yes, Pico is dead. When Big Teak eliminates himself by contending his head, Pico as well as his gang take it as a possibility to proclaim their supposed supremacy over the Hurt Village Hustlas using a lie. They release a video claiming that they had killed Big Teak to project their gang as magnificent. Throughout the funeral of Big Teak, a couple of members of the Hurt Village Hustlas reveals the video to Lil Murda, that obtains furious to see Pico disrespecting their gang and most significantly, Big Teak. He lays out to specific revenge on Pico.

Lil Murda faces Pico worrying the latter’s case that he eliminated Big Teak. Pico asks forgiveness for what he had done and also demands Lil Murda to not eliminate him. Lil Murda kills Pico for disrespecting his previous lover as well as expresses his rage and also unhappiness worrying his friend’s fatality as rage versus Pico.

As Pico’s death is validated, the viewers must be asking yourself whether they have actually seen the last of Zachariah Rogers in the program. Well, let us share what we understand.

Did Zachariah Rogers Leave P-Valley?

Despite the fact that neither Starz nor Zachariah Rogers has revealed the actor’s departure from ‘P-Valley,’ the death of Pico suggests that Rogers’ time in the program had probably come to an end. Pico’s fatality seemingly ends the tale arc of the personality, without leaving much scope for the actor to proceed including in the show. Thinking about the unlikeliness of flashback scenes including Pico, our company believe that Zachariah Rogers did most likely leave ‘P-Valley.’ In the upcoming episodes of the second period, we may see the consequences of Pico’s fatality as the potential disputes that occur between his and Lil Murda’s gangs.

Via Pico, designer Katori Hall has actually been able to portray the tensions that arise in between gangs and their effects. Zachariah Rogers’ time in the show most likely had actually ended, we can look onward to seeing his performance in the upcoming TV flick ‘In Living Horror.’

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